GOP Governor Criticized for Speaking About American Children’s Rights

America is currently facing a chronic shortage of baby formula, which is causing children to suffer.

Since Texas Governor Greg Abbott asked Biden to prefer American children for formula over illegal immigrants, he is facing liberal backlash.

Texas Governor Wants American Children Not to Starve

The US southern border and baby formula market are in chaos at the same time.

So, Greg Abbott and the president of the National Border Patrol Council, Brandon Judd, issued a joint statement regarding the formula crisis.

According to the statement, Americans deserve a president who takes care of their needs before the needs of illegal immigrants. They stated the American president takes an oath to serve Americans, so he should prioritize their needs.

Abbott and Judd claimed American parents are unable to find the formula for their babies while the Biden administration is busy supplying this formula to illegal immigrants at the southern border.

However, he was criticized by commentators on Twitter for standing for American rights. A pro-life activist, Lila Rose, called Abbott’s comments “outrageous.”

Similarly, a youth-led immigration organization, United We Dream, also lambasted the governor.

As per the organization, Abbott is busy fueling the fire by creating a divide between immigrants and Americans. The organization also noted these are the “dangerous and false narratives” that Abbott is propagating in the country.

Congressman Colin Allred of Texas called Abbott’s remarks “inhumane” and “barbaric.”

Another Democratic Congressman of Texas, Joaquin Castro, stated he was afraid of the “callous” remarks of the governor, being a father himself.

One migrant advocacy group in Texas mentioned Abbott wants to use babies for his own political agenda.

The group named Border Network for Human Rights told the media Abbott shamed immigrants by calling them criminals; now, he wants their babies to starve.

Border Officials Bound by Law to Provide Food to Illegal Immigrants’ Children

These remarks of Abbott and the following backlash came amid the worsening formula crisis, which can take months to settle.

US Customs and Border Protection has indicated it is the responsibility of the government to provide food and shelter to incoming immigrants who are present in their custody.

The agents usually apprehend illegal immigrants who cross into the country with legal documents. 

Caring for illegal immigrants has been the duty of the US government since 1987. The court decided in Flores v. Reno lawsuit that children in government custody should be kept with adequate care. 

The conditions which are necessary for the government to fulfill, as per the lawsuit, include drinking water and food, medical assistance, toilet and sinks, temperature control, and other such measures.

With the number of illegal immigrants crossing into the United States rising at an alarming rate, it seems only a matter of time before the baby formula shortage could get worse.

All the remaining baby formula in the market is being consumed rapidly; the supply chain crisis is yet to be solved. This means American children have to starve once the country runs out of formula.