Ghislaine Maxwell Attorneys Seeking Lower Sentence in Sex Trafficking Case

Months ago, Ghislaine Maxwell was found guilty for her role in sex trafficking underage girls and women. Maxwell worked with pedophile Jeffrey Epstein for years on end, sending him underaged girls to be used for sex and passed around to his friends.

When many of the underage girls and women tried to speak out about the abuse they faced from Maxwell and Epstein, the duo targeted their careers, families, and livelihoods.

After the sexual assaults, these women were subjected to all sorts of other abuses and threats designed to keep them quiet.

Now, even after being found guilty, Maxwell is still working through her attorneys to try to escape full accountability for what she’s done, per Fox News.

The Latest Appeals From Maxwell’s Attorneys

Despite Maxwell being found guilty of federal sex trafficking, her attorneys still are rallying for the legal system to treat her with kid gloves.

The convicted trafficker is set for sentencing on Tuesday, June 28.

Ahead of this, Maxwell’s defense team is painting her as someone who had a rough childhood and should be given about a 20-year sentence, rather than the actual sentence that fits the magnitude of her crimes.

Needless to say, the rosy image that Maxwell’s attorneys want to paint ahead of her sentencing is very different from the real life woman. Maxwell was proven in a court of law to have groomed, abused, and sexually assaulted underage girls and young women.

Yet, in spite of this, attorneys for Maxwell argue that she’s has some sort of desire to do good things in the world. It’s safe to say that she passed up on this when she handed over girls and women for Epstein and his friends to rape and mistreat.

Who Were Maxwell’s Clients?

To this day, the list of people who engaged in sex trafficking with Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein has yet to be made public. It goes without saying that many Americans would love to know why this information has yet to become public knowledge.

Ahead of Maxwell’s trial, she was offered a deal that would have brought about more leniency in exchange for her publicizing the names of clients whom she and Epstein handed over underage girls and women to.

However, Maxwell ultimately turned down this deal. This is yet another reason why many people have slammed Maxwell’s attorneys for arguing she needs to get a lighter sentence than one that’s fitting for her crimes.

What do you think about the attorneys of Ghislaine Maxwell pushing for her to get a more lenient sentence for the crimes she’s been convicted of? Please be sure to let us know all your thoughts about this in the comments area down below.