Fox News Without Tucker Carlson is a Joke!

It doesn’t take a degree in rocket science to see the entirety of left-leaning media, and now Fox News too, are in cahoots to make Tucker Carlson look like the devil that the libs portray him as.

Only a week after he’d parted ways with Fox News, a number of different accusations have been made against him, followed by dozens of smear campaigns, some more serious than others.

Fox News should re-evaluate its priorities now

Despite all of this, it’ll take a whole lot more to knock Carlson off his pedestal, especially considering he’s established himself as one of the few remaining TV personas that didn’t feed into the lies the media was trying to sell to everyone.

He demanded that the American people know what was really going on.

For some reason, Tucker being snarky with his producers every so often was something surprising for the Fox network, almost as if it’s not a part of the TV star’s personality.

Even then, anyone who actually knew Tucker outside the workplace describes him as a down-to-earth, normal guy, just like any other American.

Unfortunately, the attacks on his integrity extend far past just some baseless accusations regarding his behavior on set. Some are now claiming him to be a racist over a series of text messages between him and a colleague from the network.

Not only that, but the content of the messages even reveals he was willing to look past his own political views just to show respect to another American, ignoring the fact they were an Antifa protester.

Fox could be purposely trying to ruin Tucker Carlson

From labeling him as a sexist for admitting that a woman is attractive one time to flagging him for racism over a text message, the media is really dedicated to burying the image of Tucker Carlson.

Much to their dismay though, Tucker has never once given into the pointless cancel culture comments directed at him. It’s what allowed him to remain on air for so long, despite being criticized by almost every woke liberal across the US.

That being said, there’s only one explanation as to how the New York Times and other networks are obtaining all of this inside info on Tucker; it’s not one you’ll like.

In fact, the only plausible culprit could be Fox News themselves. While you could have a hard time figuring out why they’d do such a thing, their distancing themselves from Tucker should’ve been a red flag from the start.

All of the videos being leaked are from behind the scenes. Unless some former employee from the network is selling them to all of these major news channels, Fox News is behind this smear campaign.

The worse Tucker looks now, the better Fox will look having fired him, indirectly improving their standings, while also distancing themselves from the man who practically ran the most-watched show on the network.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.