Fox News Created a Dossier of Dirt on Carlson

After remaining silent for more than 48 hours, following the announcement he would be leaving Fox News, Tucker Carlson finally spoke out in a new video he shared on Twitter last Wednesday evening.

Carlson Breaks Silence

Carlson did not address Fox News in the clip, but he did make some inaudible barbs at the channel. He began the video by expressing his gratitude for all of the sincere encouragement he got from his countless fans.

Suddenly switching topics, Carlson said most of the arguments he watches on tv are unbelievably foolish; they are absolutely meaningless.

In a few years, you will have forgotten that they had them. Carlson said we should trust his opinion on this since he’s personally gone through it.

Tucker Carlson continued to criticize both the left and the right, saying both political groups and their contributors have agreed on what is in their best interests and they are diligently working together to stifle any debates about it.

The United States appears to be a one-party state all of a sudden.

He signed off by saying he would be seeing us soon. What he intended by this is unclear. The upper management at Fox Corp. reportedly worries their prior star host will decide to reveal information about his former workplace.

According to the far-left Rolling Stone magazine, Fox management is prepared to release a “dossier” on Tucker Carlson if he chooses to criticize the network after leaving. That seems small-minded.

According to Rolling Stone, eight sources have confirmed Fox News higher-ups have a file with dirt on Carlson that they would use against him, in the event that he attacked Fox News.

Dirt on Carlson

Fox framed the split as a mutually beneficial one when the broadcaster revealed Carlson’s exit on Monday.

However, a prior Fox star on-air claims the anchor and a few of the network’s top executives are splitting up in “the worst” and “messiest possible circumstances.”

This article appeared in The Patriot Brief and has been published here with permission.