Forensic Audit of Hunter Biden Laptop Reveals Unwanted Truth

A forensic investigation into Hunter Biden’s laptop indicated the device is 100% authentic. No evidence of any hacking or the manipulation of files is being found under the investigation of the laptop.

This speaks volumes about the shady business dealings of the first son.

Hunter Biden Laptop Authenticated After Forensic Examination

The Washington Examiner dived into the authenticity of Hunter Biden’s laptop.

A former Secret Service agent carried out the investigation. The agent has also testified as a cyber forensic expert in at least 100 cases at domestic and international levels.

After examining thousands of emails, business records, text messages, photos, travel records, Apple Notes, and other relevant information, the agent found absolutely zero evidence of any tampering.

The Secret Service agent, Konstantinos Gus Dimitrelos, asserted no one other than Hunter Biden used the laptop; all of the stored data was the personal possession of the first son.

Dimitrelos claimed he used the same techniques to examine the laptop as the ones being used to scrutinize the devices in criminal and civil cases.

He further stated the MacBook Pro was never hacked; no data within the device was harmed or manipulated in any sense.

US Attorney Davis Weiss, who is also the federal prosecutor for Delaware, has been leading the investigation against the first son since former President Trump appointed him back in 2018.

After assuming office, President Biden asked all Trump attorneys to resign. Weiss was the only expectation who was allowed to continue probing Hunter.

Hunter Biden’s Ballon Busted Completely

This time, the efforts of Dimitrelos go well beyond the previous attempts to authenticate Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Previously, the Washington Post conducted the investigation into the drive, but only relied on the verification of email using DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) technology.

So, Dimitrelos noted the DKIM technology could only be used to verify emails. However, Hunter’s laptop had a wide variety of data available that needed to be verified. 

As per the latest investigation, Hunter Biden took numerous photographs of his personal identification cards and his other documents, including his social security card, birth certificate, and Global Entry Card.

All of these pictures were taken by the same model iPhones linked to Hunter’s iCloud account.  As per the investigations, Hunter Biden had a habit of changing devices quite frequently.

Since 2011, Hunter’s Apple ID account has been used to sign in on 46 different devices. These devices, according to Dimitrelos, included Mac Computers, iPhones, iPads, and Apple TVs.

As the captured laptop was released in 2017, all the previous documents of the first son were synced with his Cloud account; this kept the data on the laptop up to date.

The presence of Hunter Biden’s signature on different documents on the drive also suggested the device belonged to him.