Following the Midterms, GOP Intends to Carry Out a Fauci Inquiry

If Republicans retake the House or Senate, they want to investigate Anthony Fauci and the Biden presidency’s reaction to the coronavirus outbreak.

If Republicans regain the majority, they will demand Fauci’s documents.

He will appear before the Senate under oath, said Sen. Rand Paul, who is in line to lead the Senate Health, Education, Workforce, and Welfare Committee if Sen. Richard Burr retires.


Republicans have launched inquiries into the U.S. approach to the coronavirus epidemic, emphasizing the virus’ origins and whether the national government, particularly Fauci, funded contentious research that may have contributed to its genesis.

While Republicans were in the minority, investigations stalled. With a majority, the GOP could subpoena the presidency for records.

Paul said, earlier this year, if Republicans win in November, he’ll order Fauci’s papers to be shown in court if he’s in charge of the committee.

Public health experts say the responses to the epidemic by both the Trump and Biden administrations should be looked at, but not in a partisan way.

To have a hearing, it must be believable and must serve some kind of function besides just going after an 81-year-old guy, said Georges Benjamin, APHA executive director.

Benjamin pushed for a 9/11-style commission to evaluate the epidemic response. Benjamin also stated it should receive the proper response. Until then, they’ll politicize it.

A career government officer, Fauci has become a target of the right-wing. Conservative media has blamed him for various epidemic mistakes.

Paul, a conservative ophthalmologist, challenged the nation’s top infectious diseases expert over masks, vaccines, and COVID-19.

Paul proposed removing Fauci’s role and breaking it into three separate roles in March.

Rep. Jim Jordan, who would lead the House Judiciary Panel if Republicans win, said he wants to examine Fauci and the epidemic thoroughly.

Funding and Gains

Jordan asked Fauci if the NIAID financed “gain of function” studies in China, like Paul.

Jordan and Paul have long argued COVID-19 emerged from a facility in Wuhan, China, either accidentally or purposefully, and a U.S.-funded study helped accelerate it into a lethal coronavirus.

Jordan told a right-wing news source, Just The News, earlier this year that he expects the probe to disentangle Fauci’s falsehoods and misinformation.

Jordan stated the administration knew, from the minute coronavirus got out of the lab, there was something to gain; thus, tax dollars were spent.

COVID-19 was not a bioweapon produced by China; although its origins remain unknown.

Some experts say escaping from a lab deserves additional examination, but that won’t happen without China’s cooperation. Many believe it spread from Wuhan market animals to humans.

There’s little proof it was made in a lab or with NIH funding.

Rupali Limaye, a health communication researcher at Johns Hopkins, says a political investigation of Fauci would hurt people’s trust in public health officials.

Limaye said government figures should be held accountable; their proposals should be questioned, but it’s a slippery slope.

Limaye stated having probe after probe is not in anyone’s long-term interest.

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.