Florida Landlord Speaks Out After Vile Squatters Take Over Property and Cause $38K in Damages

A Jacksonville, Florida landlord is sharing her story after two squatters unlawfully occupied her rental property for nearly six weeks, resulting in a staggering $38,000 worth of destruction.

Patti Peeple was forced out of her home by squatters who possessed up to 15 pit bulls.

The squatters warned Peeple not to contact the police. Despite repeated attempts to remove them, a group of women insisted they had the right to remain and demanded law enforcement officials instruct them to vacate the premises.

On April 11, the women were lawfully evicted from the premises.


During an interview with Fox News’ Pete Hegseth, Peeple shared the disturbing account of the damage done to her property by the squatters.

The property rights of homeowners have been called into question as some states, including Florida, provide more legal protection to squatters.

This caused frustration among many homeowners, who feel their rights are being disregarded. Peeple was forced to allow squatters to remain on their property to avoid legal repercussions.

As per Burling, VP of legal affairs for Pacific Legal Foundation, squatting is a widespread epidemic that poses a threat to homeowners across the nation.

Peeple concluded the interview by urging Governor Ron DeSantis to prioritize property rights and tackle the pressing issue that is impacting nearly every community in Florida. She urged the governor to shift his attention toward this matter, rather than diverting it toward Disney.

Rising Epidemic

Squatting, the unlawful act of occupying an abandoned or vacant area of land or a building, continues to be a growing concern for property owners.

Squatters have been found occupying properties without legal ownership or rental agreements. In this incident, two lesbian women were found to be illegally occupying Peeple’s rental property and causing extensive damage to it.

According to reports, a group of women was seen taunting Peeple and asserting their supposed right to remain in the residence.

Squatting is a widespread issue that affects many states, including Florida. Homeowners across the country are facing a pressing issue that has the potential to affect anyone. Expert attorney Burling warns of a significant problem that cannot be easily avoided.

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.