First Son Hunter Biden May Face Prostitution Charges, Blew $30k on Escorts

(Video snapshot from Hunter Biden's laptop)

Joe Biden’s prodigal son, Hunter, may soon end up getting prostitution charges. The latest leaks from his iPhone and laptop exposed more of his scandalous exploits.

He took prostitutes across state lines, masked payments for sex escorts as “medical services”, and managed to squander at least $30,000 on paid sex over only five months.

Hunter Biden’s Cesspool of Debauchery Exposed Further

The new leaks are based on a backup of Hunter Biden’s iPhone discovered on his laptop.

They already exposed how he viciously insulted his stepmother, first lady Jill Biden, after she insisted in 2018 and 2019 that he go into rehab.

Based on the latest leaks of videos, documents, and text messages from Hunter’s “laptop from hell,” The Daily Mail reported US prosecutors may already have a case against the first son for “federal prostitution offenses.”

The news outlet found evidence that Hunter wasted a stupefying sum of money on prostitutes: at least $30,000 within a period of five months. Although it remains unclear whether the actual sum may be higher with payments carrying no electronic trail.

Hunter’s sex escort service payments were so substantial they were red flagged by his bank, JP Morgan Chase, which even filed a Suspicious Activity Report with the federal authorities.

Daddy Joe Wired Him Cash for Expenses, Hookers

The leaks show that Hunter Biden, 52, wrote massive checks to Ekaterian Modeva, an ethnic Russian woman from Ukraine, who provided him with Russian prostitutes as young as 20 years of age.

Her sex escort agency named Uber GFE says on its website that it provides the “girlfriend experience.”

Some of the videos and photos show that Hunter actually transported some of the prostitutes in question across state lines, between New York and Boston, Massachusetts.

This was apparently for Hunter to “consume” the services at different locations, which constitutes a federal offense.

To make matters worse himself, however, the son of Biden also disguised the payments he made for prostitutes as medical expenses.

The first son is already under FBI investigation for tax crimes, foreign lobbying, and money laundering.

Another of the depositors of Hunter Biden’s money mentioned in the SAR is a Russia prostitute that he filmed as an escort in January 2019 during a dispute with her pimp, Moreva, after he paid her $10,000.

In another case, in October 2018, Sleepy Joe’s son gave a woman $2,400, plus another $200, listing the former expense as an “art consultation” and the latter for “packaging and shipping.” Both payments were made through Venmo.

Hunter also texted Moreva photographs of checks as evidence that he paid the prostitutes; those came from his joint banking account with Kathleen, his former wife. Their divorce was back in 2017.

On some of the prostitution checks, the irst Sson lied that they were going to “Blue Water Wellness,” which is the name of a rehab center that he went to in February 2019.

Overall, from November 2018 to March 2019, Hunter Biden paid at least $30,000 to prostitutes. Some of the money appears to have come from the sums that his father wired him for bills, alimony, and rehab expenses, after Hunter begged for “short-term loans.”