Far-Left Climate Terrorism on the Rise

Right after the recent New York shooting in Buffalo, Democrats tried to play racial politics by claiming black people were the real target of the shooter.

However, now the shooter has turned out to be an eco-socialist who opened fire to protect the climate.

Eco-Fascist Killed Ten People in New York

The attack killed ten people, while three were wounded. According to the FBI, this was a “racially motivated” attack perpetrated for “violent extremism.”

A manifesto of the shooter, which was posted online, depicted the attack was motivated by climate activism.

The attacker, who called himself “eco-fascist,” mentioned in the document that leftists championed the climate change narrative while, at the same time, they continue to deteriorate the environment with the help of illegal immigration.

Due to these rising illegal mass movements, the climate of the country is getting destroyed. Similarly, the shooter noted uncontrolled urbanization due to far-left policies is also responsible for worsening the climate.

This act of “eco-fascism,” or green racism, is in line with a 2019 attack in New Zealand in which an Australian shooter killed 51 people.

Back then, the shooter stated “invaders” were “overpopulating” the world, so by killing these invaders, the environment could be saved.

Meanwhile, back in 2019, another shooter in Texas killed 23 people. The shooter blamed overpopulation for the rising pollution of the world as his cause.

Experts believe this extremist stance of eco-terrorists portrays a dangerous picture, which is being shown in the prevailing patterns worldwide.

According to one expert, this eco-fascism can be traced back to Hitler, but the ideology is gaining more ground these days.

Democrats Move Forward to Snatch Civil Liberties

While many pundits stepped forward to equate the shooter with the right-wing proponents, the online document suggests his ideological inclination was far from the right.

In his manifesto, the shooter claimed “conservatism is dead” and corporate profits have been increasing in the United States.

The shooter also called himself a “national socialist,” an idea propagated by left-wing radicals. Furthermore, he suggested the only “true nationalism” in the world is “green nationalism.”

However, the latest shooting has given Democrats yet another talking point for days to come.

Since the attack, they have denounced gun rights multiple times. The speaker of the New York State Assembly, Carl Heastie, indicated it is time to “address” this problem once and for all.

He further stated the “insane obsession” to possess guns should be addressed.

While people can have guns in their hands to protect their families, there is no point in having “military weapons” in the hands of the civilians, the speaker continued.

Heastie was trying to appeal to the emotionally-charged crowd, to which he said he would tell the same thing to the president if he saw him during his visit to Buffalo.