Far-Left Assault: Churches Vandalized and Damaged

Far-left Democrats are attacking and vandalizing Catholic churches after knowing the possible result of the high-profile abortion case.

However, top Democratic leaders have yet to condemn these entities.

“F— the Church:” Far-Left Vandalized Church Walls

All six conservative judges of the Supreme Court who are about to protect babies’ lives are Catholic by faith. This is encouraging the far-left to protest against churches.

Pro-choice activists are protesting outside Catholic churches nationwide after staging a controversial demonstration outside the iconic Manhattan church of New York.

According to Fox5 New York, leftists gathered outside St. Patrick’s Cathedral for their monthly briefing. Usually, these protesters walk from the church to a parenthood clinic every month.

Though this time, radical pro-abortion protesters were also part of the demonstration. They held signs like “abortion is a gift” and “RIP Jesus, killed by “woke” deadbeat dad.”

However, the New York Young Republican Club was quick to measure the impending danger; it advised church attendees to pray outside the building, so leftists do not enter the church for demonstrations.

The most notable protester, Crackhead Barney, who is a performance artist in New York, went viral on social media yelling, “God killed his son, why can’t I?”

Meanwhile, some churches were even vandalized as radical protesters marched outside the religious buildings.

They broke the windows of the church in Colorado and painted its walls with derogatory messages, including “f— the Church” and “Keep your religion off our bodies.”

Similarly, another St. Joseph’s Church in Michigan was vandalized with sprays.

Liberals Exploited Mothers Day for Their Radical Agenda

Mothers Day, which was celebrated on Sunday, was the most eventful day for these pro-abortion activists.

They staged their demonstrations at various places, including outside the Supreme Court, as well as disturbing the Sunday proceedings of different churches.

Ahead of Mothers Day, different activist groups, including “Strike for Choice,” “Pro-Choice with Heart,” and “Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights,” started calling for protests across the United States.

Rise Up 4 abortion specifically mentioned on its website to stage demonstrations outside nationwide churches on Mother’s Day.

Administrators of different churches were aware of potential disruptions by these protestors as they started calling police for help.

The pastor of a church on Capitol Hill requested the police to “intervene” if these pro-choice protesters tried to intimidate the religious proceedings.

On the other hand, two Republican lawmakers wrote a letter to the Department of Justice, asking it to save churches from the prevailing threats of vandalism.

Ahead of the weekend, Rep. Mike Lee of Utah and Rep. Chip Roy of Texas wrote that they have reports of possible protests outside churches on Mothers Day, which can disrupt church services.

The lawmakers also mentioned, in their letter, how the Colorado church was vandalized by protesters.

However, despite serious concerns of the lawmakers, the DOJ failed to protect the sanctity of churches on Sunday.