Facebook’s Attempt to Censor Christianity

In the latest episode of censoring conservative narratives, Facebook banned an ad account of a Christian book publisher.

The publisher was trying to preach social and religious values to innocent children who have been indoctrinated with the pervasiveness of fake news.

Facebook Banned Christian Book Publisher

A Christian book company, Good & True Media, was launched last year. Since then, it managed to reach thousands of children, selling them different books primarily based on religion.

However, their account was disabled a couple of days ago on an ad that contained a Bible verse.

The text of the ad emphasized that modern-day media is no longer serving the right purpose in society, which is harming children in big numbers.

Similarly, the ad content mentioned that, even in this saturated space, it is extremely hard to find content based on strong morals, which is making it impossible for parents to help their children.

Thus, the ad continued, the company aims to promote purposeful content in the country through arts. According to the Christian publisher, it seeks children to be the “reflection of their creator.”

However, unlike the previous ads of the company, which were doing well on Facebook, this ad was taken down by the platform, resulting in the ban of the ad account.

As per Facebook, the account “may not” comply with the policies or “other standards” of the social platform.

Digital Assault Against the Right is Not New

Earlier this year, Facebook banned the ad account of another conservative book publisher named Heroes of Liberty.

Though after subsequent appeals, their account was restored.

The account of Heroes of Liberty was banned for distributing children-friendly biographies of former Republican President Ronald Reagan and the Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barret.

With the aim of promoting “underrepresented” heroes, the group was working tirelessly to preach about different conservative figures. Facebook banned the account, calling it “low quality” and “disruptive” content.

While the founder of Good & True Media, Brian Gallagher, hoped the platform would also lift the ban on his account, he has already made several appeals without any success.

He stated entertainment giant Disney could talk about gender fluidity on the platform without any restrictions, but the book’s company cannot even talk about God.

One of the reasons for this ad account ban, according to the founder, is the change in the advertising policy of Facebook. 

The platform now disallows religion-based targeting, but Gallagher is suspicious of the timing of the ban.

The company was about to launch a new monthly subscription box, “The Bible Crate,” which was supposed to teach Bible stories to young children in less than a year. 

However, if the current ban is not lifted, the company would not be able to market its new service to the masses. 

Big tech has a history of censoring conservative speech. While Democrats continue to propagate their new school curricula and CRT on these platforms, they never received a ban.

Contrary to this, religious and conservative ideas were hit badly as a part of the technology-driven assault against the right.