Facebook Banned a Conservative Page for Publishing the Truth

Facebook touched new heights of silencing conservative voices as the platform removed an award-winning conservative page.

The Wisconsin-based page, which had thousands of followers, was first censored wrongfully for months by the tech giant, prior to being finally removed.

Facebook Censored Another Conservative Voice

Recently, the conservative page named “Wisconsin Right Now” posted a story from “The Australian.”

The story compared the picture of the man falling from the New York tower on 9/11 with the people falling from a US air carrier when it was leaving Afghanistan last August.

Right after its posting, Facebook took down the post and labeled it a violation of the community standard, putting it in the category of “content related to suicide or self-injury.”

The administration of the page appealed against the violation. Then, Facebook acknowledged its mistake and reversed the decision. Though the Silicon Valley giant still did not reinstate the page.

While Facebook claimed the page violates the terms and conditions of the platform, which is resulting in its termination, Facebook still did not mention any specific instance of violation.

After banning Wisconsin Right Now, Facebook gave them a link to appeal the unpublishing decision, but that link was broken and led the conservative page nowhere.

Owner and contributor of the banned conservative page, Jim Piwowarczyk, spoke to The Federalist regarding the discriminatory ban.

According to him, just a few uncontrolled big tech companies are regulating the information on the entire internet these days.

So, Americans should be concerned about their declining freedom of speech, the owner added.

This ban did not come out of the blue, as Facebook was continuously scrutinizing the same page without any apparent reason for months.

Recently, the social media giant stripped the conservative page of its ability to invite new followers and stream live videos.

Wisconsin Right Now Saved Kyle Rittenhouse from Undue Punishment

This is the same page that won numerous awards in the past for its bold journalism.

When the page won an award for reporting the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, Facebook restricted the page from sharing any further stories.

As per the owner of the channel, the administration of Wisconsin Right Now reached the scene of the Rittenhouse episode. They interviewed eye-witnesses of the event right after the shooting.

Even though it brought reality in front of everyone, Facebook still suppressed the voice of the channel, based on its political ideology.

All the analysis done by the reporters of the Wisconsin Right Now was proven correct when the judge in the case gave a pro-Rittenhouse verdict.

So, the owner noted even after Rittenhouse’s acquittal, Facebook did not reverse its decision to censure the page.

Similarly, Democrats fooled voters by tying former President Trump with Russia for a long time. When Wisconsin Right Now debunked Hillary Clintions’ cooked conspiracy, Facebook sent a community guidelines violation notice to the channel.

Piwowarczyk concluded his page was famous for reporting stories that mainstream media does not report in a swing state where voters can go either way in the upcoming elections.