Exposed: Ukraine’s Plan To Attack Moscow

The recent leak of a Pentagon report exposed many things about the war in Ukraine. Perhaps the most shocking is Ukraine planned a major attack on the capital of Russia that could have started World War 3.

It was supposed to have been put in place earlier this year, but nothing was done after the US intelligence community got involved and warned Ukraine not to do it.

What Was Ukraine Planning?

The leaked report says Ukraine’s intelligence chief ordered several mass attacks to be carried out at the same time. According to the report, Ukraine’s war intentions quickly came to Washington’s attention.

As such, the CIA promptly warned Ukraine’s president that the planned attack could provoke serious consequences between Russia and the US and should not be carried out.

Just two days before the planned major attack, the US received word that Ukraine decided to postpone such an attack.

This is when the planned assault came to the attention of Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin in Moscow. Russia installed various new air defenses in parts of Moscow.

Ukraine Denies the Report

Ukraine dismissed the reports released by the Pentagon and says they are not true.

This is not at all the way Ukraine would approach this, according to an advisor in their government who said they approach the war with strategy and logic, not with sudden, dramatic attacks like this.

The truth of an attack that didn’t take place can be hard to determine. What is clear is Russia is pouring more manpower and military equipment into this war and Ukraine faces an uphill battle.

The longer this goes on, the more lives are lost and the more people are killed, injured, and made homeless and poor inside Ukraine.

The Bottom Line

As the war continues, there is no doubt it will escalate.

Whether or not this planned attack by Ukraine was really going to happen, there’s no doubt that Ukraine has contingency plans for what to do if they’re in direct danger of losing the war.

So does Russia.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.