Even CNN Had ENOUGH of Biden

Joe Biden is in serious trouble; even liberal media network CNN has started questioning his nose-diving poll numbers.

Reportedly, Biden is angry with his staff members about his approval numbers that are lower than Donald Trump’s, even when Trump was continuously attacked by the mainstream media.

Unprecedented Scenes: CNN Bashed Biden’s Economic Number

CNN’s data reporter, Harry Enten, and senior journalist Jake Tapper exposed Biden’s bad performance in front of their highly liberal audience.

They discussed the perception of Americans regarding Biden on the issues of inflation and gas prices, in particular.

According to Enten, gas prices rose by 53% compared to last year, which is the biggest one-year rise in the midterm election year since 1994.

This price hike plummeted Biden’s approval ratings as well, as only 31% of voters approved of the current gas prices, compared to 68% who disapproved.

Similarly, only 28% of Americans approve of current inflation in the country. 68% disapprove of this disaster.

Enten indicated Democrats depend on the abortion issue to win elections at a time when a major chunk of Americans claim inflation is the biggest problem they face at the moment.

Data Tells a Miserable Story For Democrats

For a long time, CNN defended Biden’s socialist agenda and campaigned with Democrats to amplify their far-left message.

However, now the liberal network has taken a sharp turn and lambasted Biden for his spending spree.

So, Enten claimed Democrats’ radical social spending issue makes Americans think Biden is not protecting them economically in the hour of need.

In contrast to that, Republicans are successfully campaigning on inflation, Enten added.

While revealing Biden’s “historic” economic indicators, Enten noted only 15% of voters think Biden is doing well on the economy.

77% of people think the economic condition is deteriorating with each passing day.

Previous years’ election data indicates the economy turns out to be the most important voting factor in the midterm elections, which puts Democrats in danger.

In 2014, the ruling party lost 13 seats; in 2010, the loss was 63 seats, while it lost 54 seats in the 1994 election.

During all of these election cycles, economic performance polls were drastically low for the ruling party.

Initially, experts suggested Republicans could have a net gain of 20 to 35 House seats in the upcoming elections.

Now, most pundits are recalibrating their approach as they look forward to a 2010 and 1994 lookalike sweep by the opposition party.

If this happens, most of Biden’s agenda will be stalled for the remaining two years of his presidency. 

This report of a systematically liberalized network came at a time when Biden was trying to brag about his economic performance in most of his speeches.

The president is also complaining to his team members regarding the lack of credit he gets for the economic gains of the country.