Entire Police Department Resigned in North Carolina

An entire police department resigned in a North Carolina town after the hiring of a progressive town manager.

According to the outgoing officers, they are unable to work in a hostile environment at a time when the town administration is not facilitating the police department at all.

Police Department Resigned En Masse in North Carolina

Justine Jones joined the town manager office of Kenly last month after serving in different local body positions in various other states.

She is a progressive black woman who sued her former employer for racial and gender discrimination, but lost the lawsuit eventually.

Though the radical policies of the newly hired town manager have forced the police to resign en masse.

While writing a resignation letter to the town manager, police chief Josh Gibson noted his department was making remarkable progress in the last three years, but the “hostile work environment” is now creating unprecedented roadblocks for the police.

After writing to the manager, Gibson wrote on his Facebook profile that he is resigning without having another job.

Gibson added the police department is unable to fulfill its responsibilities under the new town manager. He also hinted at joining the police force again if the progressive town manager is fired.

Another police officer, G.W. Strong asserted he had been working with the Kenly police department since 2004 and he was willing to serve in the same department until his retirement.

However, Gibson continued, some decisions “jeopardize” his safety, so he can no longer serve the department. 

Kenly is a small town in North Carolina with a total population of practically 2,000 people. The police department of the town consisted of a police chief, four officers, and two clerks; all of them resigned together.

Locals Want Justice for Police Officers

As news of the mass resignation went viral, locals also started voicing their concerns about the town manager.

A resident named Christel McGowan protested outside Kenly town hall, holding a placard that read, “Save Kenly, Fire Town Manager.”

According to McGowan, police officers have been serving the community for 20 years, and a woman who sued different states came to force all of them to resign within a month.

McGowan suggested he would not be surprised if the progressive town manager also sues North Carolina after leaving the state. However, the town of Kenly celebrated the joining of Jones last month in a press release.

According to a statement released by the town in June, Jones served a “progressively responsible position” in South Carolina, Minnesota, and Virginia over the last 16 years.

This mass resignation by law enforcement also urged other officials of the state to resign.

A utility clerk of Kenly, Christy Thomas, indicated he wants to focus on his health by retiring early.

Similarly, Town Clerk Sharon Evans asserted he could not “work under the stress,” so he needs to resign within two weeks.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.