Dr. Fauci Comes Up With Bad News Again

The director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Dr. Anthony Fauci, once again warned a COVID lockdown is imminent in America.

He suggested should the cases go up, increasing COVID restrictions would once again be a reality.

Fauci Wants to Impose Lockdowns Again

According to the incoming reports, COVID-19 cases can once again surge rapidly, due to the emergence of the BA.2 Omicron subvariant in the world. 

This is worrying Dr. Fauci, as well, who has rung alarm bells. He noted people should adapt to the changing lifestyle that fluctuates to and from extreme ends. 

Likewise, Fauci asserted the Biden administration should adopt these sorts of policies for the betterment of the American public.

As Fauci is also serving as an adviser to President Biden, his remarks are of considerable importance.

Speaking to an interview with CNN, Fauci opined going back to the old methods of controlling the virus should not be avoided for the sake of it.

According to him, the current situation is dynamic in nature, so it should be treated as such. Despite issuing the warning, Fauci acknowledged the new variant has a lesser degree of severity and the death rate is lower, even if the infection rate is high.

If the country observes a usual number of high cases in the upcoming week, it would not be a surprise, Fauci indicated. 

Still, he downplayed the economic impacts of the virus which could worsen after the lockdown.

Tensions, Stress Could be the New Normal Now

While there is a prevailing debate about the efficacy of the lockdowns, a John Hopkins University report showed the mortality rate decreased by only two percent in Europe and the United States in the lockdown period of COVID.

As per the same research, the economic and social costs of the lockdown are dramatically high. The social costs of lockdowns are, in fact, so severe the incidents of domestic violence increased by 8.1 percent in the United States.

On top of this, the psychological toll of the pandemic has also been exorbitant, which would likely be the new normal yet again.

As per the New England Journal of Medicine, irritability, stress, anger, confusion, and other mental illnesses increased during the lockdowns. Some of these illnesses persisted even after the lockdown was lifted.

Fauci has faced backlash as he drifted away from his own policies. By far, he contradicted himself in giving policy advice regarding the face masks and the possibility of the severity of the threat, due to the pandemic in the United States.

Since the omicron variant started receding, COVID-19 restrictions have also been nosediving. Masks mandates in almost every state have been eliminated, while lockdowns are a thing of the past.

However, Dr. Fauci’s comments are enough to tell these restrictions could soon be a reality.