Disney Receives Backlash After Spreading Lies About Parental Rights Bill

Disney found itself in hot water after spreading lies about a Florida parental rights bill.

Now, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has taken the powers of municipal government back from the company as it tried to intervene in Florida’s jurisdiction.

Disney Propagated Lies About Florida Parental Rights Bill 

Leo Terrell, a Fox News contributor, scolded Disney for lying about the parental rights bill.

Speaking on the show “Hannity,” Terrell indicated Disney’s mouse has been caught and the governor made it clear to woke corporations they must stay away from intervening in the independent policy of the state.  

Similarly, Pam Bondi, the former Attorney General of Florida, raised her concerns along the same lines. According to her, Disney made a big mistake by jumping into the debate on the bill; this mistake will now cost the company.

She defended the measure taken by DeSantis, stating the governor had the right to stop children as young as six years old from talking about sexually explicit material.

Recently, Disney found itself at a crossroads with the state of Florida, which prompted the governor to sign a bill against the company. This bill eventually stripped Disney of its powers in Florida.

Prior to the bill, Disney had the authority to run its own municipal government in Florida, which means it could levy taxes, run its own fire department, build roads, and control utilities for its operations.

While the measure by the governor will eliminate Disney’s powers, it allows these powers to be re-established in the future. According to the governor, Disney lied about the bill, which is the primary reason for the government’s action against the mega-company.

Mentioning Disney, DeSantis said the company is intervening in the parental rights of Floridians. 

Disney Acted as a State Within Florida

The parental rights bill, which is at the genesis of all the controversy, maintained schools would not be allowed to teach sexual orientation to students from kindergarten to third grade.

However, opponents of this law, which belonged to a leftist ideology, called it the “Don’t Say Gay bill,” adding it would violate the rights of LGBTQ youth.

Contrary to this, supporters of the bill noted the law is designed to save children from inappropriate teaching material. Most parents put their weight behind the bill, calling it necessary for students of such a young age.


Many other states drew inspiration from the Florida bill and came up with similar legislation.

Although Disney kept silent initially, it bowed down to the pressure of some of its employees, which eventually urged the company to propagate lies about the bill. 

DeSantis stated on Friday that even without the issue of this bill, stripping Disney from its special status was the right thing to do as it is something unparalleled in the state of Florida.

By employing over 80,000 people, Disney is currently the largest employer in Florida.