DHS Secretary is Not Suitable For His Job Anymore

Top House Republicans are scrutinizing Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas for his failure to safeguard American borders.

As illegal immigration is likely to hit its peak with the termination of Title 42, GOP lawmakers believe Mayorkas is not the right man for an all-important job.

Mayorkas is Not a Suitable Man For Border Safety

Over 50 Republicans wrote a letter to Mayorkas in which they reminded him about his poor leadership regarding the border crisis and his inability to enforce border laws.

The effort is being led by House Republicans Jim Bank and Brian Babin, who are serving as the chair of the Republican Study Committee and co-chair of the border security caucus, respectively.

Included in the signatories are other important Republicans, including House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Republican Whip Steve Scalise.

According to the letter, Mayorkas “endangered” the lives of Americans and undermined the rule of law, which is raising questions regarding his suitability for the top office.

This pressure of Republican lawmakers against Mayorkas is coming amid rising public concerns about the consequences of terminating Title 42 in the country.

Mayorkas is Giving Lip Service to Save the Border

More than 221,000 migrant encounters were reported last month, which is a record in itself, even in the presence of Title 42.

DHS already indicated it is expecting almost 18,000 migrants every day on the southern border after the termination of Title 42.

Speaking to CBS News, Mayorkas asserted DHS is taking enough steps to address the imminent mess by deploying necessary resources to the border.

Furthermore, Mayorkas noted the Biden administration is helping the border by increasing medical and transportation resources, alongside inducting more personnel into the border security force.

However, Republicans believe these claims of Mayorkas will only be lip-service and have nothing to do with reality.

In a separate statement, Banks told Fox News the secretary dodged American law to encourage killings and drug culture in the country.

As he and Biden are creating the “worst humanitarian crisis” in America, House Republicans have to step up to hold him accountable, Banks added.

Similarly, Babin indicated the DHS secretary has been blatant in disregarding American laws and is now promoting his radical policies.

Thus, Babin advised Mayorkas to rectify his behavior to comply with his constitutional duties immediately.

The lawmakers also reminded the secretary about the controversial measure of Biden to roll back the Migration Protection Protocol (MPP).

They suggested the position of Mayorkas regarding MPP indicates he is an advocate of open borders, which is disturbing for American security.

Likewise, the Republican lawmakers scolded him for acting as the purse of the country, a duty which is given to Congress under the Constitution.

Republicans suggested DHS is not allowed to decide whether or not Congress-approved funding for the border wall should be stopped or not.