DHS Must Continue These Monthly Immigration Reports

The Department of Homeland Security provided a monthly tally of the number of migrants detained for unlawfully entering the United States each month, even before President Biden was inaugurated.

This valuable information allows residents to follow not just the number of migrants being apprehended, but also their countries of origin and travel companions, either individually or as a family.

Title 42 and Title 8

Ever since the inception of COVID, the statistics also demonstrated the number of migrants returned to Mexico in accordance with Title 42, as well as the number of migrants held and processed in accordance with Title 8.

The data, however, does not reflect how many migrants imprisoned under Title 8 were later released into the United States.

Many, but not all, people who are evaluated under Title 8 are quickly let back into the country. However, for a considerable amount of time, it was not feasible to determine how many there were.

Still, Texas and Missouri sued Biden’s DHS.

They said Biden didn’t have the power to terminate Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” procedure, and even if he did, he didn’t do it the right way, according to the Administrative Procedure Act.

Texas and Missouri have been compelled by the federal court handling the case since August 2021 to file monthly “Status Reports” with the court.

These reports must show not just the number of migrants caught on the southern border each month, but also the number of migrants allowed into the United States to travel wherever they wish.

1.3 Million Illegals

As of the status update on July 15, the Biden presidency apprehended and then released nearly 1.3 million migrants who entered the United States illegally.

This is a greater population than nine U.S. states.

In July this year, the Supreme Court partially reversed a lower federal court’s decision, saying Biden had the power to halt Trump’s Remain in Mexico program.

In addition, the court stated it would not yet decide whether the Biden administration followed the Administrative Procedure Act when it terminated the program.

The court also did not decide whether Biden has the jurisdiction to allow tens of thousands of migrants into the United States each month on “parole.”

In the meantime, Biden’s DHS must continue to send the court status reports with information about how many migrants he lets into the country each month.

The citizens of the United States should not be forced to rely on just this one court’s lawsuit to obtain essential fundamental facts from the federal government about the southern border.

Instead, the government should mandate the submission of these statistics. It might be accomplished as part of the budgeting procedure. No funding for DHS unless monthly data is supplied.

Too much time has passed since the federal government first began concealing information about the invasion of our southern border. It is well past time that Congress made these reports official.

This article appeared in NewsHouse and has been published here with permission.