Deranged Fauci Claims There Were No School Shutdowns at the Height of Pandemic!

After practically forcing the entirety of the US to adhere to his narrative regarding a virus many suspects he aided in creating, Dr. Anthony Fauci has teamed up with Randi Weingarten to rewrite history.

As it turns out, the delinquent duo is now claiming no school was shut down because of him. Fauci also says that neither he nor Weingarten are to blame for an entire generation of children who were left behind due to the worldwide pandemic.

Fauci in denial

He exclaimed one would be hard-pressed to find a school he’d shut down, adding he didn’t call for any factories to be shut down either…even though he was the one in charge of all the chaos we were forced to live through.

Weingarten tried to reinforce Fauci’s claims with some of her own, adding that everyone, from the teachers to the students, wanted to remain in school, almost as if she had nothing to do with the shutdowns.

If you need your memory refreshed on who the hell Randi Weingarten is, she’s the president of the most powerful teacher’s union in America, the American Federation of Teachers. Yet, she wants everyone to believe she wasn’t involved.

It’ll take a whole lot more than a few sad excuses from the man and woman who decided this nation’s youngest generations don’t deserve an opportunity to educate themselves. This attempt is bound to go down in history.

A 2% mortality rate is somehow enough to shut down schools

If you look back a few years, you’ll find both Fauci and Weingarten were strong proponents of the COVID-19 lockdowns, which is exactly why they’re claiming they had nothing to do with the schools being shut down.

It’s all a technicality to them, as they “technically” didn’t force the schools to shut down, but with all the students being at home, there’s no point in keeping the school’s doors open either.

In fact, Fauci’s interview with CNN on March 15th, 2020 is a testament to just how dedicated he was to keeping everyone inside their homes. He said the US must do whatever it takes to suppress the virus and keep it from spreading.

Unfortunately, all of his actions didn’t lead to much, as the virus did eventually spread across the entire country, meaning that the lockdowns were practically pointless. If you factor in the sub-2% mortality rate, one could argue we may have blown COVID-19 way out of proportion.

Is a virus barely stronger than the seasonal flu really worth shutting down a nation’s schools and factories? You probably already know the answer, but if Fauci and Weingarten are allowed to rewrite the history books, they’ll be hailed as heroes within a decade.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.