Deranged Democrat Wants Reparations From White Businesses

In a fresh onslaught against the American people, a Democratic extremist from Denver, Colorado demanded businesses in the state owned by white people should be paying reparations to minority groups for “stealing” their “land.”

‘By Any Means Necessary’

The unheard-of idiocy of “reparations”, which white Americans supposedly owe everybody else, is increasingly being used by communist Democrats to terrorize the good people of the United States regardless of the latter’s skin color.

A fresh case in hand is the demand by Candi CdeBaca, a “Democratic Socialist” who is presently seeking reelection as a city councilor in Denver. She is demanding the introduction of a race-based tax that would redistribute wealth from white people to “black- and brown-owned businesses.”

CdeBaca’s sanity is clearly under question, as she has previously called for intentional attempts to infect Republicans with coronavirus.

In the true fashion of a Soviet Communist criminal, she also demanded the redistribution and “collectivization” of land, resources, and labor – “by any means necessary,” The Blaze reported.

The report points out the communist didn’t “redistribute her own wealth,” as she has been earning a six-figure salary from being a member of the Denver City Council.

She made her moronic proposition for a race-based tax before the “Greater Metro Denver Ministerial Alliance.”

Capitalism-Hating Communist

CdeBaca claimed capitalism was established thanks to “stolen” land, labor, and resources.

She doubled down on her lunacy by arguing one-time reparations wouldn’t repay the “debt” owned by past “aggressors” to past “victims” – so an “ongoing” tax has to be imposed.

Even though she initially said taxation was equal to theft, the Democratic Socialist said taxes on white Denver business owners should be introduced through a business improvement district.

CdeBaca said the business improvement district (BID) she had in mind would take money from whites and give it to companies owned by black and brown people. She didn’t explain the fate of mixed-race business owners under her deranged scheme.

The vicious communist then claimed BID taxes based on race wouldn’t be illegal since they were by definition “voluntary.” Her nonsense was quickly disproved by a spokeswoman from Denver’s Department of Finances.