Democrats Want Biden to Increase America’s Oil Dependence

Democrat lawmakers are urging Biden to take immediate action to cap the rising oil prices.  Still, most Democrats are encouraging the president to rely on other countries and not make America energy independent.

Democrats asked Biden to increase US oil dependency

11 Democratic senators and one congressman signed a letter, which outlined the rising sufferings of Americans, due to surging fuel prices, amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Thus, the letter mentioned the administration should pump “international partners” of America to produce more oil so the prices can be stabilized.

Once congressional Democrats signed the letter, another House Democrat, Brad Sherman, emphasized it was time for other countries to play their role in stabilizing oil prices.

He singled out Saudi Arabia, saying the Middle Eastern country must increase its oil production so the world can stop its dependency on Russian oil.

Likewise, he stated the blood of dead Ukrainians will be on “Saudi Arabia’s hands.”

Even though most Democrats know the severity of the situation in the oil and gas infrastructure, none of them mentioned the Biden administration should start increasing the oil production of America to decrease Russia’s leverage.

House Republicans criticized this hypocrisy of Democrats, tweeting the incumbent administration should unleash America’s energy independence as it is critical to national security.

Democrats begging other countries for oil production

Reportedly, Democrats are facing a double-edged sword; they have to control increasing oil prices, without compromising on Biden’s climate agenda, to avoid a wipeout in the midterm elections.

This is prompting them to increase American dependence on other countries by requesting more oil production. These efforts by Democrats are perceived badly by conservatives.

A former senior adviser of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, Matt Whitlock, stated America’s lack of oil independence is now encouraging Democrats to beg for increased oil production from Saudi Arabia.

Independent groups also want Biden to take immediate actions to counter looming threats. The US LNG Association called on the president, telling him the government should not undermine American and European energy security.

Likewise, the association suggested Biden should lead this effort by increasing oil and natural gas production in America.

In this regard, the Biden administration’s policies like pausing federal lands leases, discouraging hydrocarbon investment, and not allowing new pipeline infrastructure are increasing America’s dependence on others, the group continued.

Meanwhile, former Vice President Mike Pence lambasted Joe Biden for neglecting American needs, mentioning that policies like the cancelation of Keystone XL pipeline are contributing to worse affairs for America.

According to Pence, if Biden manages to reinstate the Keystone pipeline, while authorizing leasing public lands once again, it would send a strong message to American adversaries in the prevailing crisis.

Just last week, the Interior Department noted it would delay leasing oil and gas, giving an indication the Biden administration is not ready to bring America out of the oil crisis.