Democrats’ Pro-Violence Ideology is a Death Recipe

America is having a problem of rising violence. Democrats are turning a blind eye to these crises.

A black author, Michael Javen Fortner, lambasted Democrats for neglecting the most pressing needs of the American people and perpetuating violence in the country.

Progressives’ criminal justice ideology busted badly

In his op-ed published in a liberal news outlet, the New York Times, Fortner indicated homicides are on the rise in the United States; almost 27 major states saw a rapid surge in these crimes last year, compared to 2020.

In addition to this, at least 12 cities reported record-breaking homicides in 2021, while murders in Los Angeles, New York City, and Chicago surged by 12 percent, four percent, and three percent, respectively. 

According to Fortner, these crises have been happening under Democratic leadership, which is not only controlling the federal government, but also the legislature of many major states.

The danger is just intensifying as Democrats fail to make a cohesive strategy regarding criminal justice, and different factions of the party are busy finding common ground.

The author noted progressive prosecutors like George Gascón of Los Angeles, Alvin Bragg of Manhattan, and Chesa Boudin of San Francisco are the root of all evil.

This is even at a time when the previously radical leftist Democrats, like the mayor of San Francisco, London Breed, are now denouncing the efforts of police defunding.

Breed was one of the many Democrats who denounced police funding after the George Floyd incident; she started stashing police funding in her city, while diverting funds to the social services of San Francisco.

Eventually, violence hit her city mercilessly, hence forcing Breed to take a sharp U-turn and declare an emergency in her city, a sight which is extremely unpopular to the liberal audience.

Once a firm negator of accountability by the police, she ultimately acknowledged there must be accountability if someone breaks the law.

Liberal prosecutors like Boudin have often touted that instead of seeing “shortsighted” approaches like policing, the government should dig deep into “root causes of crime.”

Democrats hold false theories of crime control

The radical left faction of the Democrat Party has a history of challenging the social norms, ultimately creating disruption in society.

For instance, a political scientist of the 1960s, namely James Q. Wilson noted back then,  said while “professional” Democrats want to win their elections, “amateurs” try to be reformers, and they wish everything gets settled, as per their own beliefs.

Thus, Fronter noted these prosecutors are continuously trying to reduce incarcerations in the United States and are focused on bringing alternatives to prisons.

Bragg has, in fact, indicated finding alternatives to incarceration should be the “norm,” rather than the exception.

These sorts of ideologies are helping these progressive reformers to promote violent crimes, as they hold falsified theories that addressing “root causes’’ will be the solution to crime.

In actuality, they do little to address the law and order situation, the black writer claimed.