Democrats Now Believes Republicans’ Narrative

Bipartisan lawmakers are now pushing Joe Biden to ban Russian oil imports as even Nancy Pelosi has finally spoken against it.

However, the White House is still reluctant to go that route, claiming it would hike energy prices.

Even Democrats Want Biden to Ban Russian Oil Imports

House Democrat leader Nancy Pelosi said “ban it” while talking about Russian oil imports into the United States.

This marks the biggest achievement of the conservative narrative, which has been consistent in asking Biden to put tough sanctions on the Russian oil industry.

18 senators, nine from each party, introduced the “Ban Russian Energy Import Act” in their bid to strangle the Russian oil sector, which is supposedly the major contributor to financing Russian aggression against Ukraine.

Calling it a “moral obligation,” Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska reminded everyone that Putin bombed civilian facilities, including hospitals, residential buildings, and schools, so the US money should not be used to fund that carnage.

Many lawmakers who took part in introducing the bill belong to the states rich in oil and gas manufacturing; they are facing tough reelections this year. 

However, the White House is unmoved, which signifies the deep division within the top Democratic leadership.

Jen Psaki, the White House press secretary, noted the primary goal of sanctions is to maximize damage to Putin while minimizing their impact on the American people.

Thus, Psaki said the White House is looking not to disturb the overall oil supply.

Democrat Senator Joe Manchin, who is also the lead author of the newly introduced bill, lambasted Jen Psaki’s statement, noting she is “so wrong.” Likewise, he asked Psaki if she could even imagine living in Ukraine these days.

Senator Lindsey Graham made an emotional statement in favor of the new bill. He said if Ukrainians can stand up in front of tanks, and if old women can pick up rifles to fight Russian forces, the US can also produce some more oil to protect crucial human lives.

Meanwhile, Republican lawmakers believe the actual reason for the oil price hike is Biden’s inability to produce oil domestically to eliminate dependency on other nations. 

According to Republican Senator Rob Portman of Ohio, replacing Russian energy with American resources is a problem-solver, but the Biden administration is reluctant on this.

Biden’s False Oil Claims Busted

Currently, the United States is importing 700,000 barrels of oil a day from Russia, which is 14 percent of Russian oil exports. 

Even though it is believed the United States would not be able to compensate for the oil shortage instantly if it bans Russian imports, experts suggest otherwise.

The president of Strategic Energy and Economic Research, Michael C. Lynch, busted Biden’s claims, saying that the United States can control the inflation by importing the same amount of oil from South America and Africa. 

Thus, he suggested it may raise oil prices temporarily, but this price hike is bound to come anyway if the crisis persists.