Democrats Eating Their Own Words Again

Democrat Governor of Nevada, Steve Sisolak, became the latest voice in the party to disown ideological leftist narratives.

On Tuesday, he stated parents should be allowed to intervene in their children’s studies and police should be funded more.

Democrats laud police funding, low taxes, and parents’ involvement in education

Sisolak, who is facing a tough re-election campaign later this year, broke the party line while delivering his State of the State Address.

This came at a time when candidates in Republican primaries were hammering him for his poor COVID, economic, and educational policies.

While delivering his campaign message, Sisolak noted today’s economy is doing better, tourism is going up, and unemployment is shrinking in Nevada. Likewise, he claimed schools are operating at their full capacity, and people are enjoying higher wages.

However, amid all of this, he also acknowledged many weaknesses in the Democrats’ messaging, which according to him, is benefiting Republicans ahead of the November gubernatorial elections.

Thus, he stated education is his top priority; Sisolak is aiming to increase parents’ involvement in their children’s studies, even when most Democrats believe otherwise.

In his bid to lure thousands of parents to vote for him, Sisolak said he has always been an ardent advocate of increasing parents’ participation in their children’s education.

Furthermore, he mentioned parents’ involvement in the education system could only make it better.

Republicans knew the governor would comment along these lines, considering the recent polls indicate voters are denouncing Democrats’ policies across the nation.

Thus, Adam Laxalt, Nevada’s GOP Senate candidate, said Democrats are trying to “gaslight Nevadans” by conveying the condition of the state is not as bad as it seems.

Sisolak decries misery when his party is in absolute control

Sisolak’s remarks are in contrast to what Democrats believe in general.

Since the Department of Justice memo vowed to exclude parents from their children’s education, this is a hot-button issue nationwide. The National School Board Association has even compared parents to domestic terrorists, as per leaked emails.

Similarly, Sisolak also denounced the police defunding movement, an issue extremely close to the hearts of progressive Democrats. While accepting the failure of the federal government, Sisolak noted crime is rising at an alarming rate across the United States.

Likewise, he claimed the percentage of Nevada’s budget allocated to law enforcement is greater than any other state in the country. The governor also pledged to give police officers a raise soon.

In yet another claim drifting away from Democrats’ ideology, Sisolak promised Nevadans he would not impose “new taxes” on people, while acknowledging inflation has marred the country badly in recent times.

Despite the fact both Nevada and the country as a whole are being ruled by Democrats, Sisolak stated Nevadans are badly impacted by rising inflation.

This prompted him to make another sweeping claim that he would try to bring the cost of living down to an affordable price.