Democrats Call Crime a Republican Narrative

Even though a wave of crime has swept America under the Biden administration, liberal pundits believe rising concerns about crime are just a part of the Republican narrative.

New polls have suggested that Americans trust Republicans more on handling crime.

Liberal Pundit Turns a Blind Eye Toward Crime

Republican strategist Kristen Soltis Anderson joined CNN’s host Brian Stelter on his show “Reliable Sources.”

According to Stelter, the Republican narrative is responsible for the perception of higher crimes in America. The GOP strategist busted the hypocrisy of liberal media for not reporting fact-based news.

Anderson noted that Americans are concerned about the challenges they face in their daily lives; their voting decisions are also expected to be influenced by these challenges.

However, Anderson said that the media is unable to cover the challenges faced by Americans.

Likewise, the host asked Anderson if Republicans are winning the messaging war for the upcoming elections. He further added that right-wing media channels cover crime stories more, which depicts that Republicans are using crime for political gain.

This comes at a time when crime is emerging as one of the major problems for Americans as the world started going back to pre-pandemic restriction levels. In this regard, liberal states are leading these criminal events.

For instance, New York saw a 42.7% increase in criminal activity, compared to the same period of last year, as per the statistics of the New York Police Department.

In New York, people are worried the most about murders, robberies, and rapes, as many residents have even claimed the city is getting “horrible” to live in.

Due to these rising crimes, the GOP strategist noted swing voters are likely to move with Republicans. Back in 2018, Anderson continued, swing voters started siding with Democrats, which led the party to win elections.

As per the latest polls, 47% of Americans trust the GOP in handling crime, compared to 35% of voters who are leaning toward Democrats.

Democrats Are Helping Criminals Gain Ground

Experts believe Democrats’ soft-hearted stance in dealing with crime is the primary reason behind a rise in violent activities.

For instance, a progressive faction of the party continued preaching about so-called criminal justice reforms with a special focus on police defunding, which is helping criminals in achieving their ends.

While mainstream Democrats are distancing themselves from Defund the Police ideology, progressives are still campaigning for this measure, which is empowering criminals in the country.

Though Biden is busy attacking Americans’ right to possess arms protected under the constitution.

In his bid to control crime, Biden recently announced “ghost guns” as illegal.

Even though many reports have suggested ghost guns have little to do with rising criminal activities, Biden’s reliance on banning guns depicts Democrats’ will to snatch Americans’ constitutionally protected rights.