Democrats are Badly Losing the Cultural Wars

Liberal journalists are guessing some of the potential roadblocks in the pathway of the Democrat Party for the 2022 election wins.

There is a common perception that Democrats’ messaging campaign on “culture wars” can reduce their chances of winning.

Liberal Journalists Worried About Democrats’ Loss in Midterm Elections

“Meet the Press” discussed many issues which the Biden administration is failing to promote among its base.

The host of the show, Chuck Todd, raised the issue of Florida, noting the state is “ground zero” when it comes to falsified messaging campaigns.

He added Florida Republicans are promoting their own message strongly on issues like parental involvement in their children’s education. Todd added that Texas and Alabama are following the same path.

Former GOP Congressman Carlos Curbelo endorsed the host, stating that the Democrat Party is losing the messaging wars.

He argued whether it is about police funding, defunding other security agencies like border control, or promoting parental rights in education, Republicans are winning the cultural messaging war.

The former congressman also added Democrats’ reactive approach of mocking a Florida bill with the names like “Don’t Say Gay Bill” is backfiring on the party.

Democrats on the Wrong Side of Messaging Wars

People now perceive Democrats as on the wrong side of the issue, as they want to teach sex issues to children who are at the ages of learning how to read and write.

The host also noted Democrats are, however, on the right side of the issue of Florida’s Governor DeSantis facing off against Disney; the governor cannot sue the company for its opinion by going against the First Amendment.

Anna Palmer, an NBC News contributor and a participant in the panel, claimed Democrats are unable to devise a sane strategy on two issues: COVID-19 and schooling.

Josh Lederman, another participant of the show, indicated Republicans are actually controlling the messaging campaign of the Democrat Party, which is evident in the case of the Florida education bill.

He stated, in a casual survey, no parent would be willing to let their children study sex issues in the first grade. However, they will let their kids study the “Peter the penguin” book in the same grade.

The host asked the panel if the court overturning Roe v. Wade would be beneficial for Democrats in their messaging war.

Responding to this, Palmer noted it could give the party another talking point, but the most important issues still remain voting rights and immigration, which Democrats have been ignoring for a long time.

As the midterm election looms, Democrats are on the verge of losing their majority in Congress.

Thus, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnel told Fox News Democrats would get a “pretty good beating” this year.

He added none of the policies which Biden pursued worked, which is detrimental to the party. Likewise, McConnell asserted the chaotic withdrawal of Afghanistan was the pinnacle of Biden’s failure.