Democratic Lawmaker’s Son Gets a Pass For Crime

Today, many Americans feel as though the system is intentionally stacked against them. This perception has only been furthered amid various political scandals and the worsening of the country’s economy.

Meanwhile, growing reports of a two-tiered justice system that treats the elite far better than the average American aren’t helping matters either.

At this rate, there are countless problematic examples to cite. Though one of the latest deals with the son of a left-wing lawmaker essentially being given a pass for crimes that would land anyone else in real trouble, per The Blaze.

Not a Good Look

Rep. Katherine Clark, the House Democratic Whip, is in the news amid the arrest of her son. Her son was taken into custody for the offenses of battery and assault against a police officer in Boston, Massachusetts.

However, rather than looking at serious time behind bars, Clark’s son was instead sentenced to merely 30 hours of community service, probation time, and having to write an apology letter for his actions.

Clark herself put out a statement, claiming she loves her son and has confidence in the legal system looking into what transpired.

It’s not a leap to say that if this young man wasn’t the son of a prominent Democratic lawmaker, an apology letter and a few dozen hours of community service wouldn’t be enough to get him out of trouble.

Americans Weigh In

On social media, people haven’t been shy about sharing their thoughts on this latest development. The various examples of everyday folks getting far harsher sentences for similar offenses have been brought up.

Likewise, other Americans warned that the system is intentionally rigged against Republicans, while designed to give Democrats and their allies a pass.

At the end of the day, Clark’s son getting off relatively easy is not the first time that people have been confronted with the reality of a two-tiered justice system.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.