Dell Children’s Med­ical Center Under Investigation For Unlawful Gen­der Tran­si­tion­ing Procedures

Last Friday, the attorney general of Texas, Ken Paxton, announced the state would be conducting an investigation into whether or not the Dell Children’s Medical Center in Austin “unlawfully performed on minor children” gender transitioning therapy procedures.

Attorney General Paxton stated in a press release that it had become an alarmingly prevalent practice for activists on the political fringe to utilize their positions in the medical and healthcare fields to coerce children into undergoing unproven, life-altering operations.

What Led To This?

Attorney General Paxton sent a “Request to Examine” (also known as an “RTE”) to the Dell Children’s Medical Center to obtain information about the alleged wrongdoing.

The RTE’s objective is to determine whether any state laws were broken or whether parents and patients were given false information. The revelations made by Project Veritas led to the decision to conduct an investigation.

In an undercover video released by Project Veritas, doctors in Texas and New York are seen prescribing puberty blockers to children as young as eight.

Veritas tweeted that they published a series centered on the procedures utilized by gender transition clinics in the United States.

It would appear that medical professionals are saying they’re administering puberty blockers to children as young as eight years old and cross-sex hormones to teens as young as 14 years old.

Both of these treatments are potentially life-altering.

The Response

In response to Paxton’s inquiry, Dell Children’s stated “[they] do not engage in these abusive practices.” Dell Children’s vehemently disputed the charges.

Paxton retorted that Dell Children’s reacted to his probe and stated the company does not engage in these unlawful practices. Their cooperation is very much appreciated.

He also stated he looks forward to studying all the requested materials. Although this is a victory for the children of Texas, Paxton will not give up his fight.

As Reagan stated, “Trust, but verify.”

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.