Dark Money Group Wants Something Else From Biden

Radical left groups have found another talking point to preach about the packing of the Supreme Court.

Many progressive Democrats are joining these groups to propagate the same narrative after the Supreme Court’s documents leaked on restricting abortion access.

Dark Money Group Wants Supreme Court Expansion 

Demand Justice, a far-left group that is a self-proclaimed reformer of the Supreme Court, emailed its thousands of followers after seeing the leak of Supreme Court documents. 

In the email, the group stated the only solution to safeguard the “constitutional rights” of Americans is to pack the court.

However, the group also touted some other liberal agendas that Democrats can protect by expanding the top court.

For instance, the email stated this measure is critically important to reduce gun violence, heal the climate, protect the reproductive rights of women, and increase access to abortion.

While calling the top court Republicans “insurance policy,” Demand Justice urged its subscribers to pressure their representatives to eliminate the filibuster and add four seats to the US Supreme Court.

This group is led by Brian Fallon, who is a former staffer for the Hillary Clinton campaign. He is also tied with the Biden administration.

For instance, press secretary of the White House, Jen Psaki, remained an outside adviser to the same organization.

Likewise, Biden’s advisor for judicial nominations, Paige Herwig, also served in Demand Justice, prior to joining the administration.

Democratic Lawmakers Also Want to Pack the Court 

When Demand Justice was started, it kept itself limited to launching smear campaigns against Republican judicial nominees, while praising those nominated by a Democratic president.

However, with the passage of time, it expanded its role towards advocacy, like expanding lower American courts, as well as the Supreme Court.

Even though many Democrats criticized the use of dark money for advocacy purposes, they themselves are the direct beneficiaries of the same dark money.

A Washington-based largest dark money network, Arabella Advisors, is behind the creation of Demand Justice. Liberal billionaire George Soros’s firm donated $2.6 million to it back when it was started in 2018.

Meanwhile, the calls for packing the Supreme Court have reached Congress once again in the wake of the leak of the document.

A far-left congresswoman, Ilhan Omar, who has previously talked about packing the court, is once again leading these efforts.

According to Omar, the Supreme Court should be expanded, as overturning Roe will be detrimental to women’s lives. She also stated this verdict will also be against “public opinion.”

In addition to this, Omar even called for ending the filibuster to codify Roe into federal law, so Democrats could extend their agenda by dodging the Supreme Court.

This is not the first time Omar has demanded such a radical action. When former President Trump nominated Justice Amy Coney Barret to the court, Omar claimed packing the court is now a necessity to “fix” the system.

One year after Barrett’s nomination, Omar participated in a rally in front of the Supreme Court, which demanded Congress create more seats in America’s top court.