Dad Finds Sick Predator in His Preteen Daughter’s Closet

Rockford, Illinois is a small city of 147,000 located about an hour and a half northeast of Chicago.

Recently, a Rockford father made a horrifying discovery after finding a child predator hiding in his preteen daughter’s closet. This story highlights the extreme importance of child safety online.

What Happened?

A 13-year-old girl from Rockford met a man on Snapchat who went by the username “nighttime sensei” and said his name was James. He said he was 16; they started chatting and flirting, sharing explicit nude photos.

Eventually, James came to the girl’s home, sneaking in her window and forcing her into sex. This happened twice, according to police. Both times the girl’s father was in the house downstairs.

The second time the dad appears to have heard the commotion around 4 a.m. and rushed upstairs. He looked around his daughter’s room and found the rapist in her closet.

It was 39-year-old child predator and sicko Junsuk Park from the Chicago suburb of Naperville.

Dramatic Escape and Arrest

After being found by the girl’s dad in the closet, Park took off running. He ran to his vehicle, a Toyota Prius, and drove away as fast as he could.

The dad had time to see his appearance closely, however, and was able to describe Park’s vehicle to authorities.

Police also investigated the family’s home and found used condoms, medical gloves, and other items Park had left behind during his rape visits.

He was identified by the girl in a police lineup after being picked up by police. Park has been charged with his sexual assaults and faces a court appearance in June.

Stay safe online

This disturbing story highlights the importance of staying safe online, especially for kids.

Parents should always check online safety rules with their children before letting them use apps and ensure that they know never to meet a stranger online.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.