Crayon Company Feeds Into a “Woke” Narrative

"Crayola" by Joybot

Pride month has transcended its confines of June every year, at least according to Crayola it seems.

They’ve taken to their social media profiles to cash in on, I mean celebrate, the growing representation of the trans community in mainstream media.

As it turns out, left-wing politics can be shoved into just about anything, including companies that have little to nothing to do with politics or social justice. Crayola went in hard on the woke stuff.

“crayola” by Ed Schipul

Let children be children

Earlier this week, they created a post celebrating Julian Gavino, a disabled transgender man who doubles as a life coach, model, writer, and activist.

Yet, the first two titles take center stage. Gavino is well-adapted to the fame he got for them.

According to Julian, his main goal is to normalize the appearance of disabled and trans persons in the fashion sphere of things.

Although many would argue he’s a bit late to the party, considering the huge amount of pull the trans community was given over mainstream media as a whole.

Much like Gavino claims to have adapted to using his mobility devices, Crayola followed suit.

It adapted to the increasingly popular trend of supporting figures that have nothing to do with one’s business, purely because they belong to a minority group.

Checking boxes to appease the liberal crowd takes precedence over just about anything these days, even at the expense of losing long-standing customers and supporters of your product.

Crayola’s woke take faces backlash on Facebook

Julian’s efforts and success aren’t something to sneeze at either though, as it’s still pretty hard “making it” these days, even with all the emotional support one could ask for.

Though let’s not forget Crayola’s support is probably the most obvious case of social disconnect in recent history.

Are disabled transgender kindergarteners the company’s next target group or was their post nothing more than some blatant virtue signaling?

It is a question we’ll probably never find the answer to, but some people certainly weren’t happy with the direction Crayola is going with this.

Many Facebook users were quick to shed criticism on the company’s trans-inclusive moneymaking ad campaign, adding that targeting children with extremely harmful trans agendas was a huge misstep.

One can count on their hands the small number of years ago when people were just people. However, the left is ever-so-adamant on erasing every semblance of the society we once knew. The LGBT narrative is the way to go with that.

As it turns out, though, Crayola could have gone with a much less trans-oriented take with this one, given the fact Forbes reported that disability pride and LGBT pride are two vastly different things, despite the two communities’ intertwinements.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.