CNN Cuts Interview With Migrant Short Conveniently

When a migrant stated he breached the border unlawfully, due to Title 42’s recent expiration, CNN abruptly halted the discussion.

CNN Doesn’t Report the Truth

A CNN journalist was walking through the neighborhoods close to the border.

This is when he decided to inquire with a migrant if he happened to be knowledgeable about Title 42 and the fact that America is planning to reopen the border, similar to before the pandemic.

The migrant stated “yes.”

He informed the journalist he made the trip because he knew the southern border would be open to all travelers once the Biden administration chose to reverse the Trump administration’s stance.

The termination of Title 42 has resulted in anarchy and disorder at the border, posing an imminent danger to the protection of the United States, as unauthorized immigrants flood the border.

Agents of Border Patrol said they anticipate a historically high increase in migration at the border, with almost 400,000 people seeking to enter the nation each month.

Approximately three million illegal immigrants were removed and sent back to their home countries under the Title 42 public health program, which President Joe Biden stopped.

As a consequence, the Department of Homeland Security increased the scope of its catch and release program.

This discharges border crossers without authorization into the country while issuing Notices to Appear (NTA) documents for federal immigration court. Sadly, a lot of those court dates are set for years in the future.

Biden had some of the most negative polling of his administration after deciding to repeal Title 42.

Biden is Losing Favor

Only 17 percent of people say they would like to keep the president in power for an additional four years, according to a YouGov poll. Meanwhile, over 60 percent feel he is not a good candidate as he starts presenting arguments for another term.

This article appeared in The Patriot Brief and has been published here with permission.