Climate Lockdowns Coming?

Joe Biden made it crystal clear since day one that he is beholden culturally and politically to the far left.

A big part of that is the climate change cult, which demands Americans and western people shut down their way of life in order to save the planet.

Somewhere in their propaganda, they miss out on any demands toward China, India, or other mass polluters. Though conspiracy theorists are called crazy for saying there must be some kind of plan to deindustrialize or forcefully transform the West.

Well, it’s not a conspiracy. It’s an established policy. Now, it’s moving forward, with Biden announcing a “climate emergency” is happening and emergency steps must be taken.

This is not a drill.

Pulling Out All the Stops

Biden and Democrats know the midterms are going to sap a lot of their power. Whereas his inner circle still wants to use his executive power to start pulling out all the stops, especially on climate.

That’s why Biden is now planning to enact the DPA (Defense Production Act) to force our private economy to produce solar panels and orient everything toward fighting climate change.

America is now an authoritarian socialist state in which the government directly, and with executive power, will force private industry to do what it says.

The reason? Biden and his henchmen are literally, legislatively, declaring war on the sun.

Their first point of attack will be to further kneecap our struggling economy and force our businesses to do what they say. If this is starting to sound scary to you, it should. 

All Options Are ‘On the Table’

According to Biden’s mouthpiece, Karine Jean-Pierre, all options are fully “on the table” and they have a lot more “funding” to open up if forcing the industry to fight climate change doesn’t work.

In other words, this despicable regime is going to bully and financially target Americans and American industries to enact its will.

Senator Joe Manchin’s blockage of various climate emergency measures has given the far left a big headache.

So now, they’re simply embracing their dictatorial roots and flanking him by falling back on executive power.

Remember when they said Trump was dangerous and “anti-Democratic”? Good times…

Bye-Bye Fossil Fuels

The left wants fossil fuels to go bye-bye. We get that. Though the problem is it’s not happening the way they’d like. So, they’re simply going to keep inflating government and falling back on executive action until it happens.

The cost of these measures should be becoming obvious to people by now. The cost is you. 

The middle class is not going to exist in 10 years. The inflation and gas prices we have now will look like a joke, compared to what’s coming in the near future.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.