Christian Foster Parent Turned Away by Oregon in Unconstitutional Policy

The Alliance Defending Freedom has taken a stand with Jessica Bates to challenge an Oregon policy that is deemed unconstitutional legally.

Devout Christian mother of five, Jessica, was denied the opportunity to become a foster parent by the state’s Department of Human Services.

In a shocking move, the state is now requiring potential caregivers to pledge their support for a child’s sexual orientation and gender identity.

This means that caretakers must consent to use selected pronouns, attend events such as LGBT pride marches, and actually allow young children to receive hormone shots.

Overreach By Government

This overreach of government control is concerning for many conservative families who believe in traditional values. In a shocking turn of events, a Christian woman named Jessica was denied the opportunity to care for children due to her traditional religious beliefs.

Following her explanation that she could not go against her Christian faith, the state deemed her unfit for the job. This decision was made solely based on her beliefs about sexual differences.

Controversial policy sparks concerns over potential First Amendment violations and the exclusion of religious communities from adoption and foster-care processes.

Critics argue this move could directly violate our constitutional safeguards for religious liberty. The state’s ideology is being forced upon citizens, as demonstrated by the case of Jessica.

She is being compelled to affirm her beliefs through speech and action, thus violating her right to free speech.

Exclusion of Faith

The state’s discriminatory policies have resulted in people of faith being excluded from adoption and child welfare programs.

Liberal policies prevent Orthodox Jewish families from adopting children who attend their temple and devout Catholic families from providing respite care for newborns, due to so-called gender identity issues.

Oregon’s policy is not only illegal, but it is also profoundly unjust and harmful. Last year, Oregon’s foster-care system was responsible for nearly 8,000 children, with hundreds of them unable to be reunited with their families.

In these trying times, it is imperative that we recognize the importance of caregivers like Jessica in our state. Their selfless dedication to providing care for the most vulnerable among us is truly commendable.

We must ensure they are given the support and resources they need to continue their vital work.

Conservative Christians have a proud tradition of providing for orphans and devout Christians are twice as likely as the general population to adopt children.

This article appeared in NewsHouse and has been published here with permission.