China Continues Its Assault on Taiwan and Sends 25 Warplanes

The latest reports have shown that China directed 25 of its warplanes and three entire warships toward the coast of Taiwan, outlining exactly how determined Beijing is to carry out its invasion of the island country.

The Taiwan ministry identified 19 of those planes crossing into their air defense identification zone; the three ships in question continued motions toward the country’s coastline.

China is preparing for an all-out war

In response to this blatant display of power by China, Taiwan sent out its own fighter jets and dispatched several ships into the Taiwan Strait. This happened with coastal missile defense systems operating at full capacity, just in case China decides to deliver the first blow.

However, China has been doing this practically every day.

It’s part of what military experts call “gray zone” tactics, as their focus right now is intimidating and slowly wearing down Taiwan’s defenses while they prepare to strike.

On top of slowly chewing away at their military prowess, China’s actions are bound to exhaust the personnel’s morale. They face an opponent they can’t possibly beat and once they admit defeat in their minds, they may have just lost the entire war.

If that wasn’t enough, China employed several cyberwarfare campaigns, bombarding Taiwan’s media with disinformation campaigns that serve to distract and deprive the country of any allies.

This has been somewhat successful, as the island’s support has taken a major hit in recent times.

Taiwan will stand its ground

Thankfully, the Taiwanese are no strangers to China’s underhanded tactics. They’re preparing for combat, this time with upgrades to their fighter jet fleet, as well as a 66-plane order directly from the US.

In September alone, the country spent $1.1 billion on missile defense systems. These will serve as the primary line of defense, should China actually go through with what was considered baseless threats up until recently.

Even though China did pose a major threat to Taiwan with the latest attempts at bullying the country into submission, the planes never crossed the median line of the strait.

They’ve now been doing this almost every day since they started the war games near the island in August.

The Taiwanese government extended several offers to Chinese officials, pleading with them to talk over the matter, albeit with little effect, which is evident by the continued harassment from the Chinese military.

Due to this, the relationship between Washington and Beijing has also deteriorated.

The spy balloon didn’t exactly help smooth things over. Seeing as China’s window for action is shrinking with every passing day, they may very easily launch an invasion of Taiwan in the near future.

Xi Jinping has stated time and time again that he’d much prefer a peaceful unification between the two sides, but the military action in Taiwan’s airspace tells a different story.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.