Chicago Police Recommend Local Businesses Buy Riot Glass

The Chicago Police Department has advised businesses to purchase riot glass to prevent further burglaries. In the aftermath of robberies in Humboldt and Wicker Park, police issued a community alert on April 30.

This community alert was specifically regarding criminals’ usage of crowbars, bricks, and stones. All of these weapons were meant to easily smash the glass and break in either from the side or front windows.

Police suggested businesses within the area look into buying from ArmorPlast, which produces a form of invisible ballistic-proof glass resistant to projectiles.

On their website, ArmorPlast states their product (even after an attempted burglary) does not repair, given how durable the material is.

The alert comes in the wake of Chicago experiencing a 6% increase in burglaries, with 2.253 accounts being documented so far in 2023.

Thieves hit the Mott Street Restaurant on Ashland Avenue on four separate occasions, along with robbing various luxury stories and a Rolls Royce dealership in the Gold Coast neighborhood.

Businesses within Chicago face increasing security threats, making operations far more difficult. Walmart recently closed four stores, citing detrimental loss of millions in revenue.

Police have said that the surge in burglaries is an organized and coordinated effort known as “smash-and-grab.”

This type of organized crime takes place when thieves are dropped off at their target by compatriots, often aiming to steal items such as liquor, safes, and cash registers.

Tamer Jaradat, a small grocery store owner, told Fox News that the average response time for CPD officers is far slower. This slower response time from law enforcement ends up resulting in employees of besieged businesses being left without any deterrent to prevent the breach.

In addition to the glass, the CPD recommended businesses ensure their surveillance systems are functioning correctly. There is no telling what other horrors await the Windy City.

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.