Chicago Has a Plan to Prevent Teen Riots

The downtown adolescent takeovers are an urgent problem for the Chicago Police Department and its future governance; an additional event has been promoted on the internet for the upcoming weekend.

Teens Going Wild

Currently, in cooperation with law enforcement, organizations and neighborhood groups are taking action to stop the riots.

Community groups are now working to put a halt to the adolescent takeovers that occurred in Chicago this past weekend. To inform parents of these events, a fresh suggestion is to implement a system akin to the Amber Alert.

Massive groups of adolescents wreaking havoc can be seen on film from last Saturday in the downtown area. Two persons had been shot, while others suffered injuries and things were broken.

Presently, “I’m Telling, Don’t Shoot” and the law enforcement of Chicago are working together to alert parents to potential danger.

The concept is likened to the Amber Alert system by Early Walker. Walker commented, saying most people there likely are carrying a cell phone in their pockets at the moment.

If they receive a message right now, they are likely to read the text and then respond by checking to see where their kids are. Perhaps they will check to see if any of their buddies could be there. He said the point of this is to try and bring the community together to work against this problem.

On Saturday, when there will be another sizable teen assembling, Chicago congregations will join forces to walk Michigan Avenue. To make a statement to the youth, it’s their aim to gather up 500 men to send this as a message and example to the teens.

Community Pulls Together

According to Bishop Horace Smith of the Apostolic Faith Church, men owe it to their more youthful counterparts to express that this is not acceptable.

This article appeared in The Patriot Brief and has been published here with permission.