Canadians Could Be DEPRIVED of This Essential Right

Recent events in America and far-left mobilization encouraged the Canadian Prime Minister to deprive his people of the right to weapons.

According to PM Justin Trudeau, Canadians will no longer be able to buy and own handguns after the passage of a new bill, even for self-protection.

Legal Gun Ownership Endangered in Canada

Canada is following the way of dictatorial regimes like Russia and China in imposing extreme anti-gun laws. Over the period of 30 years, the Soviet Union banned private weapons, saying people only need them for “hunting.”

This was followed by the arrival of the famous Russian leader Joseph Stalin, who pushed nearly 20 million people to death, as many of them were unable to defend themselves.

If passed, this gun control legislation will impose a “national freeze” on handguns’ purchase, transfer, import, and sale.

Eventually, the number of legal guns in the country would be reduced, while the illegal guns would remain circulating, posing a real threat to Canadians’ lives. 

The legislation also aims to empower the judiciary to remove weapons from those people who are deemed dangerous to others.

While announcing his decision, Trudeau acknowledged most gun owners in the country are law-abiding citizens. However, he continued, the gun violence in the country is making the government rethink its decision.

Trudeau indirectly quoted America during his speech, saying Canada could be a country like its southern neighbor where gun violence has made matters worse. 

Canada and America’s problems regarding guns are absolutely different.

America has a mass shooting problem, while Canada is not the country prone to mass shootings. Instead, most guns in Canada are used in daily crimes and single homicide episodes.

Canada has a Real Far-Left Problem

The bill is the revised version of last year’s bill, which was stalled in the legislature, due to the thin majority of liberals.

This prompted them to call early elections, vowing they would introduce stricter gun measures if re-elected.

In contrast to this, Canadian conservatives blasted this far-left agenda, stating liberals only try to ban legal weapons, while no concrete effort is made to curb the smuggling of weapons across the border.

Conservative commentator Raquel Dancho noted Trudeau is ignoring the root causes of gun violence even after being prime minister of the country for over seven years.

Trudeau’s attempt to invoke big government is in line with most of his other policies.

For instance, Canada is one of the few countries where the pervasive mask and vaccine mandates are still troubling the population big time, even though the world apparently returned to regularity.

Similarly, far-left ambitions of teaching gender identity to students are also penetrating Canada.

Under the mission of curbing so-called “hate speech,” Canada is targeting “misgendering” and “deadnaming” others, including one’s own daughter, when psychologists declare her a boy.