Johnson & Johnson COVID Vaccine Banned By FDA

On Thursday, the US Food and Drug administration strictly limited the emergency usage of the Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine.

This decision is made after the findings that J&J is the cause of a potential blood-clotting disease that can be fatal to receivers’ lives.

Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Declared Dangerous

According to the director of the FDA’s Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research, Dr. Peter Marks, the agency had been “closely monitoring” the relation between the J&J vaccine and thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome (TTS).

After due deliberation, it has been found the people receiving the vaccines are vulnerable to developing this blood clotting syndrome.

However, only people who are older than 18 and have no vaccine available to them, due to their medical conditions, will be able to receive J&J, as per the new guidelines.

Similarly, people who deny taking other COVID vaccines can also take these doses.

As per the agency, these actions portray the safety of the American “surveillance system” that is being driven by science and data.

By now, over 18.7 million doses of J&J have been administered across the United States. Almost 7.7% of Americans who are fully vaccinated received this brand.

J&J Has a Controversial History

This is not the time the J&J vaccine has become controversial in the United States.

In December last year, the CDC’s vaccine advisory committee recommended taking mRNA vaccines over J&J for all people over 18 years old.

Back then, the committee stated the same TTS disease is the reason behind its recommendation.

After that, both the FDA and CDC recommended a pause on administering this vaccine. Although that pause was lifted eventually, a warning of a rare blood clotting disease was issued by the authorities.

However, J&J was still confident about the feasibility of its vaccines.

The company noted it is working with medical experts to make the doses safe for everyone and keeping the safety of people “number one priority.”

According to the statistics of the database of the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting Systems (VAERS), these blood clots have been detected in 60 patients until now.

Nine of them have died, which prompted the authorities to put restrictions on these vaccines.

Women aged 30 to 49 remained the most fatal of this TTS clotting.

Eight ladies in this age group per million people have shown this syndrome. On the other hand, the overall rate of infection is three per million doses of the vaccine.

According to experts, TTS starts emerging after one or two weeks of the administration of the J&J vaccine. The symptoms of this disease include abdominal pain, breath shortness, chest pain, blurred vision, and red spots near the injected spot of the vaccine.

The company already announced last month it is not expecting to make any profit this year, as people have started developing resistance to its doses.