Boston High School Promotes Violent and Criminal Behavior

"George Floyd Protest" by Jenny Salita

Radical leftists have already made it very clear that a classroom is no longer a sacred place of learning. They’re doing everything in their power to turn it into a facility dedicated to grooming obedient and woke deviants.

Ever since Biden stepped into power, we’ve seen dozens of policy changes regarding the presence of woke topics in US classrooms, leaving many wondering how the left keeps getting away with indoctrination this easily.

“Don’t Walk” by Nick Divers

Massachusetts libs promoting violence in Boston

It all started with college campuses peddling critical race theory and BLM agendas a couple of years ago, culminating with transgender topics making their way into K-12 classrooms in the US.

While the wave of woke has definitely left its mark on the US youth, one school stands out among the rest as the beacon of liberal propaganda.

That school is the Charlestown High School from Boston, whose teaching materials are comparable to organized terrorist action.

Namely, the leaked materials show the school was teaching foreign 9th and 10th graders that political assassinations and violence were legitimate forms of action in an oppressive system, all under the guise of teaching them basic English.

The documents in question sparked fears that professors at Boston High School were enforcing these foreign-born children to incite violence whenever the concept of “oppression” presents itself.

Assassinations are a form of peaceful protest now

It wouldn’t be strange if the school also skewed the very definition of “oppression” specifically for these students. They would be much easier to manipulate if the very notion of oppressive behavior was extremely malleable.

The leaked files all trace back to a grand total of three teachers at the school, those being Katie Li, Caitlyn Castillejo, and Caroline Smith.

They all provided their students with detailed sheets on institutional, intrapersonal, and internalized oppression, concepts that aren’t exactly appropriate for 9th and 10th graders, especially those adapting to a new environment.

Once the so-called “oppression” is defined, the materials expand into a worksheet that outlines many means of combating this oppressive system, among which a handful of acts of extreme violence were included.

In fact, the worksheet blatantly labels rioting and looting as “peaceful protests,” with the associated picture depicting a group of masked individuals attacking police officers and throwing projectiles at them.

It doesn’t stop there, though.

The following pictures show two men brawling with one another, whereas the last example of a peaceful protest is a picture of a political assassination.

This distastefully presented to the students a depiction of former President Richard Nixon with a rifle’s crosshair on his forehead.

Naturally, these “teaching materials” sparked outrage from the children’s parents and custodians, some of them claiming the files were purposely created with the intent to manipulate our nation’s youth.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.