Blue State in Danger for Racial Discrimination Against Whites

A conservative group named America First Legal Fund threatened to sue New Mexico for perpetuating racial discrimination in the treatment of coronavirus.

This is not the first time a blue state tried to discriminate against white people in COVID treatment.

New Mexico to be sued for discriminating against white people

Since the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommended race-based rationing for COVID treatment, many states have tried to discriminate against white people while providing medical treatment.

According to the CDC, race, and ethnicity play a critical role in deciding who gets COVID or not. It can easily determine people’s access to high-quality medical facilities, allowing blue states to promote their racial agenda.

Apart from the CDC, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has stated the race of the person determines how much he or she is likely to be affected by the pandemic. 

In its bid to eliminate this racial discrimination, the conservative group warned New Mexico if the state does not eradicate these racist practices, legal action against it will be initiated.

The director of the group, Stephen Miller, who also served as a former adviser to Donald Trump, noted any state which tries to promote COVID-rationing policies would be treated in the same way, as removing this ideology is the core mission of the group.

Likewise, he asserted the state of New York also issued a policy along similar lines where if a Caucasian and a non-Caucasian person go to treatment, and both are facing the same degree of a medical emergency, a non-Caucasian person will be given COVID treatment.

Thus speaking to Fox News, Miller suggested the medical bureaucracy of America is walking on far-left theories and is advancing the notion that racial discrimination is acceptable.

Although New Mexico acknowledged health equity is achieved when every person is treated fairly, irrespective of the color of their skin, it also noted historical trauma against racial minorities has to be covered up now by giving them favorable treatment.

Miller claimed this racial categorization is the major problem in most of the states, and this ideology is advanced through academia.

Criticizing the leftist ambitions, Miller said most of the American bureaucracy is occupied by leftists who take degrees from liberal schools to make careers in government service, to shift America more towards the far-left.

Preferential monoclonal antibody treatment is now a common practice in America

Although Minnesota was also giving preferential treatment to non-white people, it has now stopped this treatment after receiving public backlash.

Last month, when Fox News broke the headlines about this racial disparity, Utah reconsidered its scoring system to determine who qualifies for monoclonal antibody treatment.

The treatment is limited in its supply, thus allowing the authorities to give them to only those patients who qualify for it.

There are different factors in play that decide who can get the treatment. However, after the CDC recommendation, states are now considering race as one of the parameters of who would get the antibody treatment; whites are losing out hugely.