Biggest Humanitarian Crisis of the Century is Unfolding Now

The world is currently witnessing the largest mass migration in Europe since World War II, as more than one million Ukrainians are now refugees.

Most European countries, which have been reluctant to admit refugees in the past, are welcoming these Ukrainians, bringing them a sense of hope as Putin’s aggression continues in their homeland.

Unprecedented Mass Migration Happening in Europe Right Now

According to the International Organization for Migration’s (IOM) press release issued on Saturday, over 1.25 million Ukrainians have left the country.

This marks the largest migration in Europe since the devastating impacts of World War II, the organization noted.

The CEO and the President of IRC, David Miliband, noted innocent civilians and children are facing the brunt of Russian aggression these days.

According to him, the mounting number of one million refugees depicts the grim treatment of civilians, which is done by the barbaric military tactics of Russia.

So, the president asked Russia to stop its hegemonic ambitions against civilians immediately so further harm against Ukrainians could be averted.

As per the data of Poland’s border protection agency, almost 827,600 of these 1.25 million fled refugees landed in Poland. This made Poland the single largest acceptor of Ukrainian war refugees.

Since Friday midnight, 1,085 civilian casualties have been reported in Ukraine, which includes 351 killings and 707 people getting wounded.

However, the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) asserted the actual number of civilian casualties is much higher than what is being reported from the war-torn nation.

According to the OHCHR, most of these casualties are from explosive weapons, which include heavy artillery shelling, rocket launching systems, and airstrikes.

As per the data of the United States Peace Institute, almost 1.2 million refugees fled from Ukraine between 2013 and 2014; the last time tensions soared up between Russia and Ukraine was under the Obama administration.

European Countries Welcoming Ukrainians, Despite Deterring Other Refugees

Apart from Poland, these refugees are landing in countries like Romania, Moldova, Hungary, and Slovakia.

In his bid to welcome these refugees, Hungary Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has already stated Hungary is a “friendly place” for Ukrainians.

Likewise, Poland, the largest receiver of Ukrainian refugees, is also welcoming these troubled people.

The interior minister of the country, Mariusz Kaminski, stated the country would do everything to provide “safe shelter” to the incoming refugees.

Polish officials and citizens are handing out things of an immediate need to these people at the border.

For instance, border guards in the country are giving sandwiches to eat to incoming Ukrainians. Similarly, citizens are welcoming them with tea and by donating toys and other daily life commodities.

This is a sharp contrast against what the world saw in the other such waves of refugees from Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan to Europe. 

Just a couple of months ago, Hungary’s Prime Minister stated the country is sticking to its “restrictive immigration policies” in his bid to deter Afghan refugees.