BIG UPDATE in Gretchen Whitmer Kidnap Case

In October of 2020, 13 males were arrested and charged in a kidnapping conspiracy.

Authorities said they had been planning to abduct Michigan’s Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

It turned out that the plot had been partly led by federal agents and an informer who had actively worked to get the men to escalate their plans.

But that hasn’t stopped the convictions from rolling in, and now a new update has some very bad news for those involved.

No New Trial For Fox and Croft

Judge Robert Jonker has denied the demand of Adam Fox and Barry Croft for a new trial. The two men who were convicted in the Whitmer plot say that a “far left” jury member in the case was biased against them.

They also say the trial as a whole was unfair and that it went against the Constitution.

Jonker said he found “no evidence” this was the case and that Croft and Fox get no new trial. This is very bad news for the duo.

They go up for sentencing in the plot on Dec. 28 and could be looking at life behind bars if they’re found guilty in planning to abduct Whitmer.

This has actually been the second trial for Croft and Fox. They got a mistrial in early 2022 after the jury couldn’t agree on a verdict.

Far Left Juror Threw Trial?

The accusation that a juror was already ready to convict before hearing any evidence came up early in this second trial for Croft and Fox.

According to Judge Jonker, however, this accusation wasn’t true. He said he talked to this juror and that the individual told Jonker that everything was fine.

The juror claimed not to have made up their mind beforehand and promised to be considering all evidence before reaching a conclusion.

Jonker said he found no “legal error” in the trial and that a new trial isn’t necessary or justified at this point.

The Case Continues

The Gretchen Whitmer kidnap case is quite bizarre. Two men who were charged have had the charges dismissed, while two others pleaded guilty.

Three convictions came down state court in Michigan two months ago for men who were all found guilty of being part of a militia called the “Wolverine Watchmen.”

They face sentencing on Dec 15 and are likely to get some very serious time behind bars.

Planning to kidnap a governor of a state isn’t good, obviously, even if it’s being encouraged by federal informants who are inciting and helping you.

Still, what’s clear is that these kinds of cases are a big focus, but those who helped burn down the country during the BLM riots are on TV  and getting book awards instead.

There’s truly a two-tier justice system today in the United States, and anybody with their eyes open can see it.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.