Big Pentagon Leak No Cyber Crime But ‘Physical Theft’

A massive leak of classified US military intelligence documents from the Department of Defense exposed important global and national security information, according to a report.

Staggering Leak

At least 50, and possibly several hundreds, of classified Pentagon papers have been leaked online, in what allegedly started on the Discord social media platform in a Minecraft group, last month.

Many of the leaked records concern the brutal war of aggression that Russia has been waging on pro-Western Ukraine for almost 14 months now.

Hence, US and foreign experts commented at least part of the papers might have been “doctored” or just altered by Russian intelligence to try to cut US and Western support for the plucky Ukrainians.

According to a CBS News report cited by the Gateway Pundit, the Pentagon documents were probably stolen physically before they were posted online, rather than being obtained through cybercrime.

At least two US government officials have pointed in the direction of the physical theft version.

Folded and Unfolded

The Defense Department has launched a full-scale investigation into the matter.

The report quotes a US official as saying “some clues” for finding the leaker might result from the fact that US government printers with authorization to print classified records “register a unique ID” number during the printing.

Last week, John Kirby, the spokesman of the National Security Council, stated the administration has no idea who might be behind this and what their motive could be.

The CBS report points out the embarrassing leak caused the Defense Department to downsize the number of officials who get classified information updates.

Before the leak, some 1,000 US government officials were entitled to access the respective papers. It remains unclear how much that number has now been reduced.

The report, which reviewed a number of such leaked Pentagon military intelligence papers, notes those are “color printouts” which seem to have been folded and unfolded before they were photographed and posted on Discord and 4Chan.