Biden’s Supreme Court Nominee Gets Different Treatment from Democrats

Biden’s Supreme Court nominee, Ketanji Jackson Brown, is getting favorable treatment by Democratic senators who treated Trump’s nominees harshly.

Even at a time when Biden’s nominee is refusing to answer questions, she has not been pushed by Democratic lawmakers.

Democrats Treating Biden’s Supreme Court Nominee Favorably

According to Republican Senator Ted Cruz, Democrats kicked off the hearing of Jackson immediately to ensure that she would not face the “disgraceful behavior.”

Although Jackson faced a troubled time during her hearing in the Senate, she is not being subjected to character assassination like Trump’s nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, was.

Unlike Kavanaugh, who faced frequent interruptions during his hearing, Jackson faced calm senators.

In her first two days of the hearing, Jackson was supposed to face tricky questions. Republican Senator Josh Hawley asked the nominee if she is too lenient on sex offenders.

However, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Senator Dick Durbin, dismissed the question, labeling it an “attack.”

Chuck Grassley of the Republican Party, who is also the ranking member of the Judiciary Committee and presided over Kavanaugh’s hearing, pointed out the issue, noting the hearings are much different than those of Kavanaugh’s.

When Kavanaugh went before senators, he was brutally grilled by Democrats. Most of the lawmakers accused the nominee of sexual assault, a claim which was never substantiated.

Amid all of this, Democratic lawmaker Mazie Hirono of Hawaii has an explanation for why all of this is happening.

He suggested that Republicans are not asking any questions, regarding the competence and qualifications of the nominee, so she is easily able to reject any personal questions.

Liberal Media, Democrats Conspired Against Trump’s Nominee

Recently, Republicans also pointed out how the liberal media and Democratic lawmakers treated Justice Amy Coney Barrett in her 2020 hearing.

Barrett was confirmed just weeks before the 2020 presidential election, so Democrats cried fouls regarding the process.

Then-presidential nominee Joe Biden even campaigned on the issue that Trump should not nominate a justice during an election year.

Thus, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham stated the liberal media treated Barrett as some kind of “weirdo,” due to her Catholic beliefs.

It is pertinent to note the liberal media network, namely the Washington Post, slammed Barrett for her religious beliefs, declaring her unfit for the top court.

However, the Republican senator assured Jackson they would not assassinate her character in any case. Still, Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein lamented that Biden’s nominees were getting “harsh” questions.

Speaking to Fox News, Feinstein stated some of the harsh questions were asked. Although the senator did not name names, she said it after the questions of Sen. Graham, who inquired about Jackson’s personal life.

Jackson is in the spotlight for her sympathetic statements towards the defendant in a child pornography case.

Republican Senator Josh Hawley grilled Jackson on this issue, sarcastically asking if Jackson seemed to be the real victim in the case.