Biden’s New Amnesty Agenda Fully Exposed

Joe Biden made it clear from day one in office that he doesn’t care about our border security. The border with Mexico has become a horrific danger zone.

It is largely run by Mexican drug and trafficking cartels who shake down migrants for money and collect from them once they work in America.

Under Title 42, many illegals have been getting sent back until such time as they can have an asylum hearing, but a new report from the Washington Examiner has now exposed the truth.

Biden has already been unlawfully giving amnesty to hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants.

Biden’s Illegal Amnesty Agenda Exposed

As of this writing, there are approximately 2,000,000 (two million) asylum cases and immigration hearings for illegal immigrants that are scheduled to take place in the United States.

The majority of these people are in the country already, but are awaiting the official right to stay here, work, and be legally landed immigrants.

However, as Washington Examiner uncovered, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) top lawyer Kerry Doyle instructed many of these jammed cases to just be deleted.

Tens of thousands have already been scrapped, granting automatic amnesty. The number of cases that will be dropped by 2024 will approach about one million if amnesty continues.

Doyle made it clear that in her opinion, only those who came illegally after November of 2020 would have a day in court or a hearing. The rest are home free.

Welcome to America; thanks for breaking our laws, here’s your reward!

Doyle Grants Amnesty

As Doyle said at an internal ICE meeting this past April, “dismissal” is very preferable for her and the agency than pursuing these cases.

Anything that’s a “non-priority” of someone who’s not a criminal or other red flags should just be dropped, she told employees.

Essentially, Doyle said breaking the law doesn’t matter if there are worse violations of the law happening that you need to deal with instead.

We’re going to have one million illegals granted amnesty two years from now. ICE officers can’t do their jobs because cases have been dismissed and no longer even exist in terms of paperwork and records.

This country is being incited into a lawless state of chaos by the Biden regime and its cronies throughout the various federal agencies, such as Doyle.

What happens when the government begins directly undermining the republic?

The Bottom Line

Whoever Biden and his regime are working for, their actions speak for themselves.

They are directly undermining this country, trying to weaken us, and worsen the inflation and social crisis we’re already experiencing.

We need to take this sleeper threat very seriously, because the rule of law has now been directly undermined in the United States.