Biden’s Economic Agenda is “Largely Irrelevant”

Axios journalist Hans Nicholas busted Biden’s economic agenda during his appearance on CNN’s “Inside Politics.”

According to him, Biden’s economic achievements are “largely irrelevant,” considering the rising wave of inflation in the country.

Biden’s Economic Progress is Largely Irrelevant

Politico White House correspondent Laura Barrón-López, Nicholas, and CNN’s White House correspondent Kaitlin Collins discussed the health of the US economy in a CNN program hosted by Abby Philips.

Philips, the host, talked about the rising voter apathy of Democrats.

She suggested that 67 percent of Republicans, compared to 50 percent of Democrats, are excited about the upcoming elections, which is worrying the Biden administration.

On Friday, the president bragged about his accomplishments in the first year of his presidency. He talked about the latest job reports, according to which 431,000 jobs were created last month.

During his speech, Biden noted there was unprecedented job creation during his tenure and that unemployment was declining. Likewise, he mentioned the average wage in the country has also been increasing lately.

However, Nicholas claimed most Americans still believe things are not on the right track.

Meanwhile, CNN’s correspondent Collins indicated that Biden was trying to make a balance between inflation and the affordability of energy by raising the prices.

Although Nicholas acknowledged the president was right in his assessment of the economy, he called these achievements “largely irrelevant.”

According to him, the Biden administration cannot do anything about the most important indicator of the economy which consumers see every day, i.e., the price at nationwide gas stations.

Biden Must Bring Gas Prices Down to Show Real Progress

Unless the government can bring those prices down, these stats will remain in front of the eyes of American consumers, Nicholas added.

Nicholas also discussed the misguided strategy of the Biden administration to put the blame for the rising gas prices on Russian President Vladimir Putin.

According to him, whenever he goes to any gas station, he hears a narrative blaming Putin for the increased prices.

While this messaging campaign of the president has been in the spotlight as the mainstream media entertained it, this is not a reality, the reporter added.

Thus, he shared a Quinnipiac poll, which suggested that only 24 percent of Americans believe the gas price hike is due to the war in Ukraine.

Contrary to this, 41 percent of Americans blamed Biden’s policies, while 24 percent thought that oil companies were the real problem behind the crisis, according to the same survey.

The CNN White House correspondent also joined Philips in criticizing Biden.

Barrón-López asserted wage increases are not proportionate to the rise of inflation. She also indicated Democratic voters are feeling cornered as Biden failed to deliver on his agenda of student debt and voting rights.

The White House has been struggling to bring oil and gas prices down as the midterm elections loom.

Due to this crisis, the president announced the release of one million barrels of oil on a daily basis for the next six months from the extremely precious strategic oil reserves.