Biden’s Crazy Ambitions of a Racist America Are Now Reality

In its biggest racist move to lure black voters, the Biden administration has started implementing its racial agenda, which was first announced via executive order once Biden captured the office.

The administration is promoting racial equity in a whole lot of government agencies.

Biden to Pursue Racial Politics to Lure Black Voters

On the very first day of his presidency, Biden signed an executive order, directing agencies to pursue a comprehensive plan in order to promote equity in various avenues.

As per the order, people of color, as well as other historically “underserved communities,” would get favorable treatment from the government.

Over 90 agencies of the federal government, including Cabinet departments, have announced actions to pursue more equity in the country.

Thus, they announced more than 300 strategies that will be used to implement Biden’s agenda.

According to the White House, federal agencies are taking “ambitious” measures to extend federal spending toward disadvantaged communities.

Furthermore, the White House noted these people were disenfranchised historically, which pushed them backward and locked many doors for them that were supposed to be open by default.

Included in these communities are black people, LGBTQ+, physically disabled individuals, and females, the White House added.

In its bid to start the implementation of the executive order, the Department of Homeland Security stated the plan would be implemented in various domains.

These domains include humanitarian protection, countering terrorism, targeting violence, filing complaints, etc.

For this purpose, the barriers that act as roadblocks to the naturalization of these underserved people will be identified.

Similarly, the concerns of small business owners belonging to these communities would also be addressed.

Most Agencies Will Now Follow Biden’s Racist Agenda

This discrimination will also be extended to the Pentagon, as it stated the department would provide more opportunities to underserved communities.

In this regard, different programs would be initiated within the military to seek the social uplifting of these communities.

The Department of Labor aims to protect the wages of these people, while the Department of Housing and Urban Development will seek no racial disparity in homeownership.

Likewise, the Environment Protection Agency will look toward the negative impact of pollution on historically ignored communities.

While bragging about the variety of new programs, the White House claimed it would not be a one-year project, as it can turn out to be a generation commitment.

Democrats often accuse Republicans of pursuing white supremacy in the country; however, their own actions depict the rise of racial discourse in politics.

This is coming at a time when black voters have been feeling alienated from the government, as shown by different surveys.

Reportedly, blacks wanted Biden to take action on police and voting rights, but the president failed to do it, even though these were his talking points in the 2020 election.

Thus, Biden is now seeking alternate avenues to retain these voters, who can play a critical role in the upcoming midterm elections.