Biden White House Blacklists the New York Post

Right now, there is a very real possibility that Hunter Biden could be indicted and find himself on the receiving end of federal charges from the Justice Department. This is fairly likely, due to the first son’s alleged involvement in tax and business crimes.

Joe Biden has gone on the record, alleging that he’s proud of Hunter and arguing Hunter hasn’t done anything wrong. However, many Americans would beg to differ concerning the latter point.

While Hunter could be indicted and federally charged, there are different views about whether or not any legal action against the first son would actually stick or result in a conviction.

This is due to the perception that the president will use any and all tools at his disposal to protect Hunter. Though as the potential indictment of the first son remains, the Biden White House just blacklisted the New York Post, as reported by the publication itself.

Can’t Take the Heat?

Since issues with Hunter emerged, the New York Post has been diligent about keeping Americans aware and up to speed with what’s going on.

This means covering reports that Hunter took advantage of his father’s name to get ahead in the business world. It also means breaking news that other members of Biden’s family reaped financial benefits from his time as former President Obama’s right-hand man.

However, as the feds turn up the heat on Hunter, it appears as though the Biden administration doesn’t want to give the media any additional awareness regarding what’s going on.

That would explain why the White House revoked the New York Post’s permission to attend the Investing in Airline Accountability event in which the president participated.

During the end of the event, Biden also refused to answer questions from media outlets that were given the necessary credentials for attendance.

Nowhere to Run

If the White House thought revoking press credentials for the New York Post would help reduce the spotlight on Hunter, the administration miscalculated. In fact, the mere story of the New York Post being blacklisted by the Biden White House in this manner raises more questions.

It begs to ask what Biden has to hide or what the administration is scared the New York Post might uncover. In the meantime, everyone will have to stay tuned for more updates regarding Hunter Biden’s legal situation.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.